What To Do When You Have a BlackBerry Repair Need

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BlackBerry phones have been in the industry since 1999. From its conception, it has moved its way up to the top very fast because of its very unique features. This is the first phone that has the capability of sending and receiving instant messages and email. However, even with its name and known credibility, it does not remain indestructible. There will always come a time that it will not function properly, or even break, depending how we handle and take care of it. But with its great value in terms of functionality, of course you do not want it to stay damaged if that time comes. Therefore, different cell phone repair shops offer services such as Blackberry repair and assistance.

BlackBerry Repair

Choosing a Shop for Your Blackberry Fix

A BlackBerry phone does not just cost a cent; it is expensive. So when you need a BlackBerry fix, it is important to assess first whether or not that shop is really capable of repairing your mobile to prevent further damage. It is important to know if the technicians of that shop are specializing in BlackBerry repair. It is also important that the technician has a well-grounded knowledge about BlackBerry and its parts. By taking those simple steps, you will be assured that your phone is in good hands.

BlackBerry repair is not always done by experts. Even if you yourself can fix your own mobile, you must know that the different ways to repair your device depend on the type of damage it has. Below are some damages that may require you to take advantage of repair services.

Types of Damages for Blackberry Repair

The most common damage to your Blackberry is the trackball. The trackball is the area that you use to navigate around your device. When this is damaged, you can fix this by popping out the trackball by using a small flat object. Once done, you remove all the dirt and debris that has been trapped around it. If this procedure still does not solve the problem, you can buy a new trackball and replace it yourself. For a better understanding of this specific repair, click here.

When your Blackberry gets wet, remove the battery immediately any chance of future restoration. Dry the device under the sunlight (but not during the hottest hours) or place it in uncooked rice for 24 hours. After 24 hours, put the battery back into the device and turn it on. This should make your phone function perfectly well.

When the screen is frozen or has a white display, your phone needs reprogramming. To do this, you have to contact and inquire your wireless provider for the Master Subsidy Lock (MSL) by typing “##RTN” on the main screen. Enter MSL and reset your mobile. Go to “Options” and have the “Data Services” under “Mobile Network” turned on. Choose “Start Provisioning” or “Update Data Profile” once you press the BlackBerry key. Once done, press the back arrow and click “Advanced Options – Host Routing Table.” Press the BlackBerry key and click “Register Now.” Press the back arrow, go to the icon “Internet”, and check if the internet is functioning. Press the BlackBerry key and click “Close.”

The screen of your BlackBerry can get dirty and soiled after repeating calls. To clean the screen, all you need to do is take a microfiber cloth and simply wipe it over the screen. When your screen has fine scratches, it is an easy Blackberry fix. You can simply remove the scratches with scratch remover.

BlackBerry phones are considered very precious, nowadays. When it is damaged, it is important to have it repaired. If you cannot do it yourself, you can always go to mobile shops and have it repaired only by those who are experts in BlackBerry repair.

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