iPod Repair

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No doubt Apple’s iPod became every music-lover’s favorite companion since it was launched. iPod comes in a variety of shapes, small as a clothespin to as big as an average mobile phone. It also comes in a wide range of colors to choose from – from hot pink to charcoal black. For every music savvy, there is an iPod suitable for him - the joggers, loungers and the sleepyheads. But, as every gadget, no matter how high-tech it may be, there come a time when there is a need for an iPod repair. That is when the music stops, but temporarily.

iPod Repair

Common Issues That Require an iPod Repair

One common problem in iPod is that it sometimes “lock up”, and no matter what you do, your baby just would never respond. There are various causes as to why your iPod would suddenly freeze up on you. One common reason is being overused or, believe it or not, shocked. Yes, your iPod can experience a sort of a “shock” when you carry your iPod with you while doing very physical activities like exercising, dancing, jumping around on your pogo, running into walls and dropping your iPod. When this happens, your iPod turns its defense mechanism on – automatically turning off the hard drive and voila, instant lock-up.

Another issue is the exclamation points that seem to have come out of nowhere, for no apparent reason. Well, there are reasons, of course – four sure ones. First, it may be that your iPod just needs a little recharging – the exclamation points are just your iPod telling you that it doesn’t have enough energy to do what you wanted it to. Second, your iPod may not have the right program to open a specific file, so the iPod puts that exclamation point there, like saying, “can’t open, sorry”. Third: guess what? Your iPod may just have locked up (again). Fourth, you need professional help – take it to an iPod Repair center.

Third issue: the smiley face. Whoever on earth wants to see their iPod frown up on them? This usually happens when you try to connect your iPod to your computer. The frowning face means that your iPod and your computer just would not get along! Either your computer is running on an old operating system or does not meet the requirements to connect with your iPod. You do not want to have your young iPod get hooked up with an old PC, do you?

Another one is iTunes failing to sync with your iPod. An error message pops up when attempting to sync your iTunes and iPod, saying “An unknown error has occurred (-36)”. This basically means that iTunes couldn’t write anything on your iPod. There are various reasons for this, but just to be sure, give the iPod Repair a visit and inquire about this problem.

DIY and Professional iPod Repair

For most of the commonly met issues for iPod, the user can do some iPod first aid. For the locking-up issue, the user can reset the iPod – by pressing and holding the Play/Pause and the Menu buttons together for around 10 seconds. For the rest of the issues, do not attempt to repair your iPod yourself, thinking that you can save more money. The best thing to do is bring your iPod to the nearest iPod Repair Center, or the outlet where you bought it.

If you are looking for a service company that takes it one step further, check out Repair Labs. We can make sure that your gadget will work as good as new after the iPod repair service. Our team is renowned for quality service and fast delivery. If you are interested in taking advantage of comprehensive iPod, iPad, and iPhone repair service, contact us today.