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  • Yoda and the Broken Gaming Console

    Curtis Taylor Curtis Taylor
    Posted on July 25, 2012


    Yoda sends his broken gaming consoles to….using the Force!



    Yoda's broken gaming console. Sending to to fix it.

    How embarrssing. How embarrassing.

    We understand the abject agony of a broken gaming console.

    Did you know that we can fix broken gaming consoles? We fix Xboxes, PS3, PSP, PSP Vitas, Wii, Nintendo DS and many more! We can even fix the RED RING of DEATH on Xbox and Playstation. We can replace drives.  We can even fix your Wii if you accidentally throw a controller at it. Pour a soda over your console? We fix that too. We can restore gaming consoles with moisture damage and corrosion (from Mountain Dew, beer, etc, etc). Not to brag, we even fix broken controllers. We change CD ROM drives, pull stuck disks, clean them, and even blow out all the dust. You’d be surprised how dusty those things get. We can even fix broken Beats Headphones. Yes, you heard us right. That was because your Beats Phones are broken.

    Yes, you could buy a new one. But then again, the next gen of it is coming out in only 14 months... Maybe you should just upgrade. But you still have to wait those pesky 14 months, with no gaming system. NOT AN OPTION. Trust us, it’s cheaper and faster to get it fixed.

    Yoda can get back to playing Madden faster than a pod racer through the Lars Homestead Dome, since we fixed his broken gaming console. This is why Yoda loves us.

    “Lost a planet, Master Obi-Wan has. How embarrassing. How embarrassing.”

    --Yoda, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

    “Broken an Xbox, Master Guns4Hire84 has. How embarrassing. How embarrassing.”

    Bet you just read that in Yoda Voice, huh?


    So remember, young Jedi Knights and scoundrels everywhere (or in a Galaxy Far Far Away), we fix everything. Send your broken gaming console in to us.

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  • RepairLabs Proudly Announces Charitable Donation Program, Operation:HERO

    Curtis Taylor Curtis Taylor
    Posted on July 11, 2012

    Donation Operation:HERO, because everyone has a little super hero in them,   Partnership:  Diabetes Action Foundation.

    Operation: HERO, Logo for Charitable Donation Program at

    So what is RepairLabs’ Op:HERO, you ask? HERO stands for “Help Each Repair Overcome.”  And that is exactly what we set out to do when we developed this donation program. Our CEO gathered his web team of Head Designer, Content and Social Media Manager, and Webmaster, and set a problem in front of us: How can RepairLabs give back?

    We put our heads together, and decided that we wanted to make every repair that we do count for something more. We want each device that we fix, be it a phone, a laptop, a Macbook, or a gaming console, to have the potential to help somebody. We decided that a program that would empower our customers to give back would be the best thing we could do.

    If we could create a system that would make it easy and inexpensive to help, we felt that we could deploy a whole army of customers to give back, even in the face of their own trials. And anybody who’s ever had a broken phone, computer, or device knows exactly what a trial that is. What if we could turn a negative into the chance to help someone else?

    We decided that we could create a ‘Donation at Checkout’ option for our websites, that would allow customers to easily add $1, $5, etc, etc, up to $100 to their total to give to a worthy cause.  Then we got really excited and decided we could use our web presence and expertise to really publicize and leverage the charity’s message: tweeting them, building them infographics, videos and content, and educating our site visitors along the way.

    We believe that every dollar counts. We believe that every repair we make can help to overcome diabetes, animal cruelty, and the challenges and issues that wounded veterans face, just to name a few that impact our lives.  We believe that everyone can be a super hero with just a simple donation. And we match every donation, up to $100.  So every donation a customer makes counts for double.


    First Partner We’re Collecting Donations For: The Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation.

    We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Diabetes Action Foundation.This organization has a special significance to us as our Head of Design, Michelle, has had diabetes since childhood. We believe that working together, we can and will find a cure in our lifetimes. We’ve created a page on our website that features them, and included a little super hero, BCG Man, to boot. He represents a study that they are currently funding which investigates the drug BCG’s role in protecting the Pancreas from the cells that cause

    BCG Man Superhero for Diabetes Action Foundation Infographic by

                                 BCG Man protects the Pancreas

    disease.  Check out the infographic that we designed for them here.

    The Diabetes Action Foundation is a top rated charity on which means that they are deeply committed to using donor funds effectively, and have a proven track record of efficiency. Out of every dollar 96₵ goes to program costs. That means only 4₵ of every dollar goes towards administrative costs. These people are efficient multitaskers; I know, I’ve worked with them. Not only that, they are the kindest and most approachable organization of people out there. If you have diabetes or questions about it, get in touch with them. They have a TON of resources that can help.

    Most importantly, they do great work. Their mission is to support all innovation  for the prevention, treatment and cure of diabetes.  They are committed to educating patients with great initiatives such as Diabetes University, an in person and online set of lectures designed to improve the quality of life for people with the disease.  They offer international aid, fund research studies, and offer scholarships for kids with diabetes to attend special diabetes camps.

    This is a fantastic organization, and we here at RepairLabs are so proud to be involved with them. Please visit their site and give generously to this great cause.  And be sure to look for future promotions from RepairLabs publicizing their great work.

    Diabetes Action Research and Education Logo

    Operation: HERO. A donation can bring out the super hero in you.

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