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  • iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 5: LTE Speed Test Comparison

    Curtis Taylor Curtis Taylor
    Posted on September 21, 2012

    "Clash of the iPhones" LTE Speed Test

    So is the LTE speed of the  iPhone 5 really worth it?, the experts in mobile device repair decided to test whether the iPhone 5 LTE speed will really measure up to all the Apple hype, in a head-to-head match up between the iPhone 4S and 5 for LTE speed. We think you may be surprised with some of the results. Check out our fun video to see the beast in action.


    The iPhone 4S, weighs in at 4.9 ounces and measures up at a cool 4.5 inches.  The newcomer iPhone 5 weighs in at 3.95 ounces, but carries the height advantage at a tall 4.9 inches. We made sure to level the playing field: both devices had 3 bars of service and both run iOS 6. *Video correction: In the video we say 4 bars but we actually only had 3.

    ROUND 1: LTE Speed Test App.

    We installed the nifty Speed app on each phone, just to check it's "dashboard." The mobile connection speed (megabytes per second) revved up to a 10 on the iPhone 5 while the 4S hovered around 2 to 3. Download and upload times on iPhone 5 smoked the 4S at  6.04 mb/second upload on the 4S to .32mb/second upload on the 5. Download times: 4S at 12.63 mb/second, and iPhone 5 at .98 mb/second.

    ROUND 2: Siri response time in LTE speed.

    We asked Siri two questions, and in these two instances, Siri preformed almost identically.

    1. Siri, who won the Panthers vs Giants game last night?
    2. Siri, How many career knockouts did Muhammed Ali have?


    ROUND 3: LTE Speed for Launching Maps Directions.

    A simple request: Get us from Wichita, KS to Madison Square Garden in NYC. The iPhone 5 LTE clearly bested 4S in this instance loading faster and getting us started on our turn-by-turn navigation.


    ROUND 4: lte speed for downloading and installing an app: YouTube

    The new iOS6 doesn't come standard with YouTube, so we thought that was the perfect app to test app download speeds on apps. iPhone 5 LTE pummeled the 4S in this instance, downloading and installing in under 15 seconds while the 4S took around 2 minutes and 10 seconds to fully load.


    ROUND 5:  YouTube video download LTE speed and quality, vs 4S 3G.

    And since we had YouTube, we thought we should test it with a video download and play. We played a montage of Ali's greatest knockouts and noticed the 5 loaded faster and played with better quality.


    LTE Speed Comparison Conclusion.

    So, what have we learned?

    The phone processing speeds of the 2 phones are basically the same, but the network performance is vastly different between the 2 networks. It’s up to you to decide whether the new features of the phone are worth the extra $200 for a new phone. In our opinion the main reason it would be really worth your money to pay for the 5  is because you can get those screaming LTE speeds and service.

    "Overall speed for the iPhone 5 LTE is incredible; it kicks the circuits out of the iPhone 4S," says Jason Draper, resident Apple Certified Mac Technician. Even at only 3 bars, the LTE speed of the iPhone 5 blows away the 4S on 3G. For LTE speed the iPhone 5 is the winner hands down.

    Will YOU shell the $200 for the extra speed? Tell us in the comments.


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