• Exclusive Images of iPhone 5, High-Definition

    Posted on August 31, 2012 by Curtis Taylor

    Exclusive Images, High Definition iPhone 5

    RepairLabs  has done it again: we're bringing  you new exclusive images. From the folks responsible for bringing you the latest in iPhone secret photos, we’ve gotten new images. We have just received EXCLUSIVE high-definition images of the soon-to-be-released iPhone 5 front glass assembly.  So what about the changes? Let’s talk about them!

    iPhone 5 Exclusive Images

    Conclusions we can draw from these exclusive images

    With these photos we can confirm:


    • Apple has redone the whole front Digitizer and LCD Assembly of the device. We see 3 flex cables. The first seems to be the proximity ear speaker, and the front camera. The last two probably LCD and Digitizer.
    • The ratio suggests that it is indeed the long-rumored bigger screen.
    • The camera is in the front middle of the ear speaker, not  on the side  of the ear speaker anymore.
    • It looks like it has a black ear speaker mesh right now.
    • We can also see the home button is going to have more support; it’s backed by a metal bracket. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be supported anymore by prongs or a push cable. It may actually be a combination of both.
    • It looks like it has a plastic 3GS-type midframe running around the digitizer and glass LCD assembly.
    • The metal brackets suggest that it will be sitting into a housing, similar to a 3GS, but more updated and modern.
    • From the width of the bracket, we can tell the charger port is indeed going to be smaller because it has to fit between the two silver bottom screw brackets, just like a 3GS.
    • These pictures suggest that  the LCD may pull apart from the Digitizer, given the rivets on the sides. (This is similar again to the 3GS, but a departure from the 4 and 4S.)
    • We notice a striking similarity to a 3GS, with the bottom screws and brackets. We think it’s going to pull open from the front.


    So, could this be the iPhone 5 real deal? We think so, and we believe these exclusive photos prove a lot of what the tech world has been suspecting all along in regards to the new iPhone 5. Could Apple be going back to the old faithful model of the iPhone 3Gs? It looks probable.  From the leader in  iPhone repair services, exclusive images of the iPhone 5, and Apple hardware components, remember you heard it here first. Check out www.fix-iPhones.com for a full list of all of our services and our great blog, and new exclusive images.


    Stay tuned for more specific analysis and details!

    What do you think? Please leave your opinion in the comments.

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  • Could the New Microsoft Surface Tablet be the Happy Marriage between an Ultrabook and iPad?

    Posted on June 21, 2012 by Curtis Taylor

    RepairLabs.com: Opinion, Microsoft Surface.

    Microsoft Surface Venn Diagram


    Venn Diagram showing differences and similarities of Microsoft Surface, iPad and Ultrabooks

    Click for larger image, zoom to enlarge


    Is the Microsoft Surface really going to be that different from the iPad?  Oh yeah.

    When the news came out on Tuesday about Microsoft’s foray into the wild world of tablet computers, I literally thought, “Meh.” Really, how could it be anything other than derivative of the iPad? How could Microsoft even begin to be relevant in a post-PC world?

    Dutifully I decided, “Well, I’ll compare. I’ll make a Venn diagram! I love Venn diagrams.”  Who doesn’t love Venn diagrams? But in sketching it out, I quickly saw that the traditional 2 intersecting circles showing the where they’re the same and where they’re different just wasn’t gonna cut it. The Surface is…more.

    The Surface also acts like an Ultrabook laptop. It has a keyboard built in to its case. It stands on its own as well, with a kickstand built into the magnesium exoskeleton casing. It boasts 2 ports, one USB (a feature I’ve longed for in my iPad) and a Micro SD card, for movie and music portability. Speaking of movies, the screen is reportedly designed in movie screen dimensions to eliminate black bars (whole screen utilized!) and rests at a 22 degree viewing angle, reportedly the perfect angle to view the device.

    You will be able to purchase it with up to 128 GB hard drive. The larger version will also have a pen. It will be the only tablet to feature the Microsoft operating system, so Office will be integrated. Given the keyboard and the OS, you can actually work on this tablet. Travelers may find the Microsoft surface a welcome departure from carrying a laptop and a tablet with them.  In the future, the device will also incorporate Xbox SmartGlass, a technology that will allow you to seamlessly switch between devices for any activity, including just watching television, so it also has some startling departures from both the iPad and Ultrabook genres.

    Besides being an utter bombshell, it’s Microsoft’s first ever self-designed computer. Microsoft took a cue from Apple in terms of product development secrecy. No one was expecting Microsoft, a company that traditionally let others such as HP and Dell develop hardware, to come out with a screaming new little piece of technology.  In fact, the Surface designers were a top secret group of hand-picked elites who previously worked on the Xbox development.

    Yes, the tablet will forever, as a concept, belong only to Apple. Apple changed the world with its revolutionary design. But the surface just provides more.  With its additional features the Surface manages to render the iPad obsolete, an entertainment ‘toy’ instead of a tool with many uses. Yes, the Surface will have hurdles to overcome, as Joshua Topolsky of TheVerge.com points out here. Will anybody adopt it? Can it create a platform to compete with Apples massive App store? Will it be priced competitively? Is it doomed to failure like the Zune MP 3 player?

    So, no, it’s not going to be the happy marriage of the iPad and Ultrabook. It’s so much more.  It's going to be the mutant rock star baby that the two produce.












    -Opinions, Microsoft Surface.

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