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We’re proud to announce our partnership with Canines for Disabled Kids. CDK is an education/advocacy group that educates the public about assistance dogs, and assists families in determining if a service dog is the right tool for their child. If so, they will help them to select the best training program to serve their child's needs, as well as assist with the application process. Canines for Disabled Kids also provide scholarships to offset the cost of dogs for children 18 and under, as well as advocacy work for all working service dog teams.

While doing research for this charity I was surprised by all of the amazing things these dogs can be trained to do, and the people they can help. I am a type one diabetic, and I had no idea that dogs could be trained to smell when a person’s blood sugar is drastically changing.”

- Michelle Abril, (Repairlabs Graphic/Web Designer)

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Service Dog 101

Learn more about service dogs, and what steps you can take to help get your child the right service dog for them. Many don’t know that a service dog can help with many of the problems that children with disabilities have to deal with or worry about on a daily basis. We have partnered with CDK to create an infographic that will help teach people about the many kinds of service dogs. You can vew our “Service Dog 101” graphic here.

By spreading the word, we’re helping children all around the country get the support they need, in the form of a highly trained service dog. Together we can make the difference in a child’s life.

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