Innovation for Prevention, Healing, and the Cure

The Diabetes Action Foundation is a comprehensive resource for educating patients, and research into the disease. Their goal is to find a cure through innovative research, and to provide prevention and treatment solutions for diabetes and its complications. They have led a number of groundbreaking studies. They also sponsor “Diabetes University” to educate patients, and supply international relief efforts to areas such as Haiti following the 2010 Earthquake.

Below is more information on the great work by this organization and even a personal story from one of our staff. The infographic below outlines one study Diabetes Action is currently supporting. Denise L. Faustman, MD, PhD., And Associate Professor at Harvard Med School is looking into an actual cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Michelle’s Personal Story

“Hello my name is Michelle Abril. I am in charge of design for the website. I am very excited about the opportunity to work with the Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation. I think it’s great that our company is doubling all donations made to this organization.

I personally have had type I diabetes since I was 12 years old. As a child it was a little scary finding out I had diabetes, because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do all the things normal kids do. Since then I have learned I can have a normal life like everyone else I just have to work a little harder to stay healthy.

I have to check my blood sugar 4 times a day and I control my insulin intake through an insulin pump. Pump therapy is one of the topics they cover on the Diabetes Action website. It can be hard at times to control my blood sugars, especially when my life is super busy, but it is worth it to stay in control. It is even more important now that I am expecting my first baby. I have to work extra hard but I am excited to report, with help from my doctors, my A1C is down to 6.0.

I’m hoping through this program we can help give a lot back to the Diabetes Action Foundation. They are doing a lot of good work to educate others with diabetes. As well as contribute to amazing research to improve the lives of all those living with the disease. Maybe someday they will find a cure, but in the meantime I think education is a big part of staying healthy with diabetes.”

A Program for the Cure of Type 1 Diabetes

Bad, disease causing T cells attack the pancreas. BCG Man steps in to protect it!
BCG (bacillus Calmette-Guerin) is a generic drug (a tuberculosis vaccine) that prevents the bad T cells from killing the islet cells.
BCG Man throws a force field of the good regulatory T-Cells (T regs) to protect the Pancreas. The Pancreas is even able to secrete insulin for a time, with the help of BCG Man. Phase II of this research study—one area that your donations go to—will determine the dosage frequency of the BCG treatment that’s needed to keep blood sugar normal.


You can help to fund it Phase II. Researchers currently have gathered $8.5 million of the $25 million they need to complete the study. And that’s just one of the programs your gift will help when you choose to donate at checkout. The Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation also supports summer camps for diabetic kids, to name one example. And the Diabetes Action Foundation stretches every dollar. Only 2.8% of all contributions go to administrative. The rest goes straight to research, and education, to helping people like Michelle and Dr. Faustman in the search for a cure.