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The Partnership at Drugfree.org provides help at every stage for parents and kids. Their site is an exhaustive and definitive resource for leaning about drug use and abuse. And it’s all based in solid science: that means its sources are all respected professionals using tested and proven methods. At Drugfree.org they recognize that 90% of addictions begin in the teenage years, so they are dedicated to helping families and parents navigate the problem of substance abuse. Their Hope Share Program in particular is a place where individuals can share their stories and experiences to provide hope and perspective for others, and helps to remove the stigma of seeking treatment.

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As an office full of new and expecting parents, here at RepairLabs we’re particularly proud have the opportunity to contribute to the great work that Drugfree.org does. “I was amazed to learn that there were things you could do as a parent as early as preschool to keep your kids off drugs,” says Anna Kraus, Content and Community Director at RepairLabs, who happens to be expecting her first any day now. “It’s great to know that there’s a place I can turn early on to learn how to teach my son about drugs and alcohol.”

One feature of the Partnership at Drugfree.org that really resonated for all of us was the work that they’re doing to remove the stigma from having a child that’s doing drugs. We were amazed at the number of stories of parents who were afraid to seek help because of shame and blame. We were also deeply impressed by the sheer depth of knowledge and help available on the Drugfree.org site. Not only are there personal stories and facts about addiction, there are proven strategies for dealing with them, and resources that any parent can reach out to.

Drugfree.org offers a toll-free helpline, screening tools to assess risk levels, and brochures and guides to navigating the healing process, as well as being a comprehensive resource for treatment and news.

Last year, millions of parents learned they were their teen’s drug dealer.

A new kind of drug abuse is killing our kids. We at Repairlabs wanted to highlight the work Drugfree.org is doing to prevent prescription drug abuse through their �Medicine Abuse Project’. To help illustrate the problems and solutions we have created this infogrphic.

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Learn more about safeguarding and disposing of medicine and find a medicine take-back location near you. Dispose of your expired or unneeded prescription medications on the next National Take-Back Day. By taking these steps together, parents, educators and community leaders can join The Partnership at Drugfree.org in preventing half a million teens from abusing medicine in the next five years.

The most important thing Americans can do to turn the tide against medicine abuse for the next generation is to educate themselves. Take the Pledge to learn more and stop teen medicine abuse, and take control of your medicine by storing it securely. Education is key and medicine abuse can be prevented.

For more information, visit www.drugfree.org/notinmyhouse
OR www.drugfree.org

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