Apple iPad Caught Running Super Nintendo Emulator : Video

iPad is smashing hit for Apple from day of it’s launch, iPad is one of the most desirable piece of technology available on the market today. iPad Jailbreak is just around the corner and most probably Dev team drop “ Spirit ” jailbreak tool after iPad 3G launch. If you like jailbreak because it lets you to play your classic favorites from the Super Nintendo on your iDevice, we got a good news for you.

ZodTTD infamous developer behind Snes4iphone posted a video of Super Mario Kart playing on an iPad. Snes4iphone is a Super Nintendo emulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch and iPad (coming soon). Snes4iphone is developed by ZodTTD.

SNES emulator isn’t available for download yet but we’ll inform you with a new post/guide as soon as it’s release, till then enjoy this wonderful video.

According to ZodTTD “ I just got my iPad and the first thing I did was install a build of snes4iphone made specifically for non-jailbroken iDevices. This is the video of the first test. I have 2x scale enabled on the iPad to make it full screen, and I enabled smooth scaling in the emulator. Im playing Super Mario Kart on my iPad and it looks, sounds, and plays great! This is going to be amazing. ”

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