15+ Best & Funny Questions to Ask Siri

Siri is a virtual voice assistant for IOS platform. It was launched in 2011 and iPhone 4s was the first device to get this feature. Since then, Siri has evolved a lot and has become smarter. It keeps getting smarter as the year passes. If the user wanted the solution of any query, he won’t have to type it to Google, he can just say “Hey Siri” and say what the query is.

At first, it was launched in order to make certain tasks easier and get solutions without typing a word. But gradually, people have found out the other side. You can even use Siri to amuse yourself or for a little giggle. All this can be done by asking some creative and funny questions to which Siri will respond in a funny way.

Funny Questions to Ask Siri

Here’s a list of funny questions to ask Siri

1. Siri do you have a boyfriend?

This is for all the singles out there who are looking for flirting with someone. Flirting with a voice assistant may sound weird, but is actually fun to do so. Siri’s respond will be a bit arrogant but amusing at the same time.

2. Tell me a joke

If you’re bored and feeling low, this is the best thing you can do with Siri. Say Siri to tell you a joke and the best part is every time you ask it for a joke, you’ll get different jokes each time.

3. What cell phone is the best?

If you’re expecting a serious techie answer to this question, you’ll laugh out loud after hearing what Siri’s answer is. While most of us would expect Siri to say the name of a cell phone which is best according to it, Siri amuses us by saying asking if there’s any better phone than the one you’re using right now.

4. What’s inception all about?

Most of us are not quite clear with the plot and the ending of the movie Inception. You can ask Siri if you too are one of them who’s not sure what was the movie all about.

5. What does the fox say?

This is a very popular question. Siri has some really weird answer for this question which will amuse you only when heard.

6. How do I look?

This is a subjective question. Siri will judge your looks on the basis of your voice. SO there will be a different answer for every voice type.

7. Cortana “insert your question”

Say Cortana in the beginning and ask any question and you’ll be confused whether Siri is a voice assistant or a possessive girlfriend. Siri will deny answering your question and instead ask you to ask the same to Cortana.

8. Tell me a story

Siri can act as a storyteller too. If you’re someone who likes to listen to stories in their free time, this is something you can say to Siri.

9. What do you think about Google Now?

Siri has one of the most sarcastic answers to this question. When asked, Siri will respond to it by saying that it doesn’t have any answer to this question now, or ever.

10. Testing, Testing

You can say this when you’re really out of questions. To this Siri responds by saying that it can hear you.

11. What is your best pickup line?

If you’re about to go on a date and are looking for some pick up lines to impress your date, Siri can help you out with that.

12. What are you afraid of?

All of us are afraid of something or the other that Siri responds to this question in a philosophical way by saying that the only thing that we must be afraid of is ourselves.

13. Blah Blah Blah

For this, Siri has two answers. Siri will either respond to this by saying ya ya ya or just assume that you didn’t like the last answer Siri gave.

14. Can you sing?

You can ask Siri to even sing for you and make you refreshed.

15. Take me to your leader

To this, Siri says that you are my leader.

Funny Questions to Ask Siri
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