Top 9 Best Sites To Watch NFL Games Live Online in HD

There is no sport quite like NFL football. Nothing speaks of male testosterone and athletic dedication like it does. The matching of mind and body takes football beyond just a physical event into a more beautiful coordinated team effort.

Watch NFL Games Live Online

Best Sites To Watch NFL Games Live Online in HD

#1 – NFL Official Website:

How to watch Live NFL football games online? The NFL’s website at is obviously, one of the most official streaming services of NFL football games. They offer more than one type of service and are available for international viewers. Preseason Live gives cheese heads a chance to watch all the preseason games, with a few different options. If you’re a die-hard fan of the Browns, NY Giants or any other NFL team like the Cowboys, then Preseason Live might be for you.

#2 – DirecTV Online Streaming Service:

U.S. residents should use DirectTV. They are offering competitive packages to watch live from your TV, mobile device or iPad.

#3 – NFL Game Pass APP:

NFL Game Pass lets international viewers watch live streaming football and has some advanced features like different viewing options and DVR controls. Other features include NFL NetWork Live and NFL RedZone Live.

Prices are variable but there is a free seven days given to new sign-ups.

The free Game Pass app is downloadable from Apple, Android, and Windows Stores.

#4 – NBC Sports Live Extra:

NBC Sports Live Extra is a streaming service that some providers are offering. The service is free because it comes with the subscription to the provider’s plan.

NBC Sports Live Extra Applications has a free app for IOS and some Android devices. Fans are able to watch the games on laptop, desktop, mobile and tablet devices as long as they are in the U.S. Check it out at

#5 – WatchESPN.COM

WatchESPN is another one of the more official sports streams available for NFL fans. The service is free if you have ESPN as part of your TV subscription service.

#6 – ESPN3.COM

The ESPN3 channel of WatchESPN is free for subscribers of the internet providers that are part of their package. It is also free to U.S. based military and college students who have access to on-base or campus internet.

#7 – Watch Sports in HD:

Watch Sports in HD or, seems like a newer sports stream. After clicking the join now button, it takes you to a page with a bill for $19.95 for one year service. This seems OK and wasn’t questionable.

# 8 –

The service works on the usual internet connected devices and even has an affiliate program. One program it gives affiliates is the NFL Streaming TV at

This sports stream allows you to watch more than one game at a time, so you won’t miss the big plays. They are giving free access to Stream Direct TV and Direct Movies if you sign-up to the football service at NFL Streaming TV.

The only problem was that the payment page said the service wasn’t approved yet. You may want to contact Watch Sports affiliate department and ask if you need to be an affiliate to use the NFL Streaming TV site and service. If you want to make money from streaming sports, maybe it is a good program for you.

#9 –

Now an example of a sports streaming service I would be wary of. Live Ball TV at At first glance, it seems OK, but in order to watch any games you wind up needing to download something.

One trial wants you to download the Flash 10 which in itself is harmless, but, and this is the problem; You have to be careful of hidden files some sites try to disguise. These are present during downloads and it isn’t always obvious what exactly they are. Many, like iLivid, can cause some serious problems and make surfing the internet almost impossible, some can be worse by far.

So sports fans are advised to either avoid a website like Live Ball TV or be extremely careful and do some research beforehand. Be aware, the offer to watch real professional events for free is tempting.

With current regulations being enforced to protect the NFL’s interest in viewing the games, there are only so many official options.

There are many unofficial programs that you can find online but you need to be careful. Like in the last two examples provided above, they may contain nasty downloads that can cause serious troubles to your computer or information

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