100 Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now in 2017

If you don’t want to engage into watching some movie, but you want to get addicted to something that you can watch now only once, you should choose best TV shows on Netflix. There are many different shows that are available on this amazing streaming site, you just have to connect and the world is yours.

Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now in 2017

You don’t have to worry because if you have no inspiration or idea what you want to watch, we are here to help. TV shows are the future and more prominent actors such as Kevin Spacey and Matthew McConaughey choose to stare in TV shows because that is the better way to connect with the audience today. We cannot say that quality of TV shows is different, every single episode is made like one particular movie, with that much effort, but at the end, you will get the possibility to continue watching.

Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now

1. The West Wing

The West Wing is another TV show that you will be able to watch where Martin Sheen plays the main role and it looks similar to the House of Cards, however, it is not about fighting and keeping the power, it is more like “behind the scenes” of the White House. It will give you great laughs with a great love story and moving drama all in one TV series that becomes more and more popular every single day.

2. Better Call Saul

This is the spinoff of Braking Bad and we are going to find Saul Goodman at the time where he was an ambitious hustler. This comedian moment in the series is different than breaking bad but you will still be able to find a dramatic and a very dark storyline that will keep you on your seat during the first episode and after that, you will be hooked. Family issues and problematic between ambition and family values is something that is in front of this series, too, so if you were a fan of Breaking Bad, you should immediately start this TV show on online streaming website Netflix.

3. Friday Night Lights

This is another Netflix-made online series that was designed to watch it all night long. Even though the show was canceled on NBC, now it is almost over and you will be able to watch it online from the beginning to the end. It is great to have that possibility because you don’t have to wait for the new season for more than a year. This way you just have to choose one weekend and start enjoying with your family and friends. It is very addictive series that will provide you with a mixture of drama, romance, and football where characters are played and written perfectly.

4. Stranger Things

This is new series made especially by Netflix and it is great because Winona Ryder is the main actress, and that is the proof of what we said at the beginning, that TV series are becoming the main part of our culture. These particular series were made to be great mystery thriller that makes a combination of great characters, the atmosphere of Stephen King’s novels and the great narrative moment that will make you addicted as soon as you watch the pilot. With impressive effect, a mystery that is linked to Government you will be able to enjoy the first season that is divided into eight chapters.

5. Archer

Archer is great animated mystery franchise that is based on James Bond and his seductive way of resolving difficult situations. Even though there are many different characters and plotlines, this is not just another animated series because it is not specially made for young generations, but for people who love to see a great plotline without having an idea that they are watching the cartoon. That is what this series will give you, in the middle; you will totally forget that what you are watching is a cartoon because characters are made with great human-like characteristics.

6. Gilmore Girls

We have all heard about this TV show however, today is the right time to start watching this amazing series on Netflix. This particular series will give you three generations in the spotlight, grandmother, her rebellious daughter and granddaughter that live these two different lives. With great dialogs and quick pace, you will be able to enjoy every single part of it. The plot is filled also with romance and the idea of wealth and single-parent family and difficulties to find the appropriate way to stay in touch with another generation.

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Here is the list of 100 best tv shows on Netflix which you can watch right now according to IMDB Rankings. 

1.Breaking Bad2008TV SeriesRate9.5985,77316 Oct 2012
2.Firefly2002TV SeriesRate9.1201,31616 Oct 2012
3.Doctor Who2005TV SeriesRate8.8160,34910 Aug 2013
4.Arrested Development2003TV SeriesRate8.9224,96416 Oct 2012
5.Twin Peaks1990TV SeriesRate8.9124,72716 Oct 2012
6.Mad Men2007TV SeriesRate8.6154,03016 Oct 2012
7.Terriers2010TV SeriesRate8.49,21216 Oct 2012
8.Sherlock2010TV SeriesRate9.2579,86316 Oct 2012
9.Freaks and Geeks1999TV SeriesRate8.9101,96816 Oct 2012
10.Parks and Recreation2009TV SeriesRate8.6138,60516 Oct 2012
11.The Twilight Zone1959TV SeriesRate9.049,20916 Oct 2012
12.Pretty Little Liars2010TV SeriesRate7.6125,79316 Oct 2012
13.Revenge2011TV SeriesRate7.9101,56516 Oct 2012
14.White Collar2009TV SeriesRate8.399,96216 Oct 2012
15.The Office2001TV SeriesRate8.674,11516 Oct 2012
16.The Vampire Diaries2009TV SeriesRate7.8235,69516 Oct 2012
17.Hell on Wheels2011TV SeriesRate8.340,80416 Oct 2012
18.Peep Show2003TV SeriesRate8.638,22916 Oct 2012
19.Sons of Anarchy2008TV SeriesRate8.6198,61816 Oct 2012
20.Alfred Hitchcock Presents1955TV SeriesRate8.610,49916 Oct 2012
21.The X-Files1993TV SeriesRate8.7160,72616 Oct 2012
22.Archer2009TV SeriesRate8.8102,42116 Oct 2012
23.Hart of Dixie2011TV SeriesRate7.836,57516 Oct 2012
24.Switched at Birth2011TV SeriesRate7.820,02716 Oct 2012
25.Raising Hope2010TV SeriesRate8.031,51116 Oct 2012
26.Friday Night Lights2006TV SeriesRate8.745,61216 Oct 2012
27.The Walking Dead2010TV SeriesRate8.5694,88816 Oct 2012
28.Parenthood2010TV SeriesRate8.125,27916 Oct 2012
29.The League2009TV SeriesRate8.338,36316 Oct 2012
30.Merlin2008TV SeriesRate7.959,08316 Oct 2012
31.Scrubs2001TV SeriesRate8.4205,65416 Oct 2012
32.Louie2010TV SeriesRate8.663,82516 Oct 2012
33.The IT Crowd2006TV SeriesRate8.699,60016 Oct 2012
34.Supernatural2005TV SeriesRate8.6307,16716 Oct 2012
35.Life2007TV SeriesRate8.330,18116 Oct 2012
36.Warehouse 132009TV SeriesRate7.639,68916 Oct 2012
37.How I Met Your Mother2005TV SeriesRate8.4480,97116 Oct 2012
38.Luther2010TV SeriesRate8.680,72216 Oct 2012
39.The Game2006TV SeriesRate6.93,30216 Oct 2012
40.The Black Donnellys2007TV SeriesRate8.212,96016 Oct 2012
41.Terra Nova2011TV SeriesRate6.872,41316 Oct 2012
42.The Chicago Code2011TV SeriesRate7.87,35016 Oct 2012
43.Wilfred2011TV SeriesRate7.936,64016 Oct 2012
44.Lie to Me2009TV SeriesRate8.093,98816 Oct 2012
45.Psych2006TV SeriesRate8.470,05016 Oct 2012
46.Once Upon a Time2011TV SeriesRate7.9181,12116 Oct 2012
47.The Killing2011TV SeriesRate8.274,72416 Oct 2012
48.Prison Break2005TV SeriesRate8.5368,16716 Oct 2012
49.Life Unexpected2010TV SeriesRate7.612,11716 Oct 2012
50.Breakout Kings2011TV SeriesRate7.313,31716 Oct 2012
51.The Wonder Years1988TV SeriesRate8.329,50316 Oct 2012
52.Army Wives2007TV SeriesRate7.25,59416 Oct 2012
53.Alphas2011TV SeriesRate7.324,76816 Oct 2012
54.Jericho2006TV SeriesRate8.049,16416 Oct 2012
55.Flashpoint2008TV SeriesRate7.814,75816 Oct 2012
56.The Glades2010TV SeriesRate7.510,26116 Oct 2012
57.Law & Order: Special Victims Unit1999TV SeriesRate8.156,79016 Oct 2012
58.United States of Tara2009TV SeriesRate7.919,06216 Oct 2012
59.Drop Dead Diva2009TV SeriesRate7.415,41716 Oct 2012
60.Melissa & Joey2010TV SeriesRate7.115,53316 Oct 2012
61.One Tree Hill2003TV SeriesRate7.761,03316 Oct 2012
62.Bob’s Burgers2011TV SeriesRate8.144,20516 Oct 2012
63.Blue Mountain State2010TV SeriesRate8.441,39116 Oct 2012
64.Ghost Whisperer2005TV SeriesRate6.437,85816 Oct 2012
65.Alias2001TV SeriesRate7.639,01416 Oct 2012
66.That ’70s Show1998TV SeriesRate8.1122,64016 Oct 2012
67.Private Practice2007TV SeriesRate6.619,33416 Oct 2012
68.Dollhouse2009TV SeriesRate7.741,41316 Oct 2012
69.Damages2007TV SeriesRate8.125,00016 Oct 2012
70.Malcolm in the Middle2000TV SeriesRate8.0101,42816 Oct 2012
71.Hawthorne2009TV SeriesRate6.22,41716 Oct 2012
72.Lights Out2011TV SeriesRate8.12,75916 Oct 2012
73.Trailer Park Boys2001TV SeriesRate8.527,80216 Oct 2012
74.Angel1999TV SeriesRate8.054,05416 Oct 2012
75.Being Human2008TV SeriesRate7.821,35816 Oct 2012
76.Roswell1999TV SeriesRate7.522,65316 Oct 2012
77.The Andy Griffith Show1960TV SeriesRate8.39,01316 Oct 2012
78.Numb3rs2005TV SeriesRate6.934,65216 Oct 2012
79.Weeds2005TV SeriesRate8.090,08316 Oct 2012
80.The Tudors2007TV SeriesRate8.154,61316 Oct 2012
81.The Guardian2001TV SeriesRate7.43,86716 Oct 2012
82.Survivors2008TV SeriesRate7.67,65916 Oct 2012
83.The Good Guys2010TV SeriesRate8.16,44616 Oct 2012
84.The Gates2010TV SeriesRate7.27,03316 Oct 2012
85.Rescue Me2004TV SeriesRate8.422,77316 Oct 2012
86.Lilyhammer2012TV SeriesRate8.120,58716 Oct 2012
87.The Secret Life of the American Teenager2008TV SeriesRate5.017,72916 Oct 2012
88.The Cleveland Show2009TV SeriesRate5.633,14516 Oct 2012
89.Torchwood2006TV SeriesRate7.834,61816 Oct 2012
90.Gossip Girl2007TV SeriesRate7.4123,50816 Oct 2012
91.Crossing Jordan2001TV SeriesRate7.08,60716 Oct 2012
92.Lost2004TV SeriesRate8.4406,58216 Oct 2012
93.Buffy the Vampire Slayer1997TV SeriesRate8.2107,43416 Oct 2012
94.30 Rock2006TV SeriesRate8.295,98216 Oct 2012
95.Cheers1982TV SeriesRate7.836,88616 Oct 2012
96.American Dad!2005TV SeriesRate7.492,12416 Oct 2012
97.MacGyver1985TV SeriesRate7.729,32616 Oct 2012
98.Rules of Engagement2007TV SeriesRate7.327,72416 Oct 2012
99.Heroes2006TV SeriesRate7.7208,01316 Oct 2012
100.Robin Hood2006TV SeriesRate7.613,80616 Oct 2012


We have presented you best TV shows on Netflix Canada, UK, Australia, India according to viewers and our own analysis that we have conducted on this particular movie streaming website. Whatever you choose from this list, you won’t regret because we have provided you with series that will get you addicted after the first watch. So start watching them only if you want to get addicted in the first place.

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