Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching Exam Tips To Pass

Gone are the days when people easily get a job with CCNA certification. The things have become a lot more complicated and the recruiters are now showing preference to candidates that obtain CCNP routing & switching certification. This may be discouraging for students that were focused on getting CCNA credential so that they could easily get a job.

On one hand, we know that there are plenty of CCNA certified individuals that are looking to get a job in the networking industry, but the problem is that the competitionin this field has risen dramatically. On the other hand, CCNP certified professionals are easily getting a job. In fact, there are many CCNP certified individuals that regularly receive the invitations from different companies. So, this is the first reason to become a CCNP certified professional.

Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching Exam

CCNP certification confirms that you are serious about your career and you are passionate about growing your skills in the networking industry. This is what convinces the recruiter to hire you instead of other specialists. So, let’s talk about the details that may help you if you want to get this credential. Here are some important things you need to know about CCNP Routing & Switching credentials.

General information

CCNP R&S is divided into three steps. It means you need to pass three separate exams if you want to be a CCNP R&S certified professional:

  • 300-101 CCNP R&S (Route)
  • 300-115 CCNP R&S (Switch)
  • and 300-135 CCNP R&S (tShoot)

First two exams consist of several multiple-choice questions, and the third exam will test your skills with hands-on simulations.

Why CCNP Routing and Switching is So popular?

As we have mentioned before, CCNP R&S is the certification that helps to identify true professionals. Recruiters tend to hire individuals that have obtained CCNP R&S credential. Another major reason for its popularity is that it increases your chances of getting a raise. And the mostimportant reason – this credential will help a lot in building your further career in the world of networking.

Reasons to become CCNP Routing and Switching certified

CCNP Routing and Switching will help you stay updated with the latest devices. It will also allow you to deal with some problems that you couldn’t solve without CCNP R&S. tShoot is the most important part of this exam that will helpsolvespecific problems with routers and switches. You must consider taking this certification testand you willbe ready to faceall these challenges ofthis profession.

CCNP Routing & Switching exam details

Now,when the importance of becoming a CCNP certified professional is clearly visible, let’s dive into more details.You are required to pass all the three parts of the exam to obtain the certification. You’d have to pay $200 for each test and it’s definitely worth it.Your ability of planning, implementing, verifying, and troubleshooting the LAN and WAN will be tested and evaluated.We prepared some useful information for you to feel more comfortable with passing these tests.

Tips to pass Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching exam

CCNP R&S exam is intended for individuals who want to lift their skills up to the next level. You must keep in mind that the test you are going to take would be more difficult comparing to200-125 (CCNA R&S) exam. There are three exams and there is no particular order you must follow, but we recommend taking 300-135 exam at the end because this one is more complicated than two others. When it comes to talking about the Route and Switch part, you must start with the test where you have more confidence.

We recommend that the candidates should spend at least one year in the field before taking this exam because there are many things that can only be learned in practice.

Cisco sharesmultiple resources to the individuals that are willing to take this exam. Feel free to use allthematerials that are available on the official Cisco website. We know that there are endless books and videos on the internet, but official materials provided by vendors are more authentic and reliable.

Once you have used the resources from the official vendor’s website, you can move to the other resources if you need additional support.

Training courses for CCNP Routing & Switching

When it comes to talking about the training courses, Cisco Press is highly recommended because it provides you with the most authentic and detailed materials that can help you prepare for the test. The courses available on PrepAway, Udemy, Prepaway are also valuable, but we cannot deny the importance of courses from Cisco Press. However, the choice is all yours.

A bit of personal experience

My personal experience of passing CCNP Routing & Switching exam wasn’t really bad, but I couldn’t pass the testat the first attempt because there weren’t enough guide materials available on the internet. And after my first attempt, I realized that CCNP exams are really tough. So I did a lot of work and I spent around a year to prepare for the test. And finally, I passed the test without any kind of hurdle.

Are CCNP Routing & Switching exam dumps helpful?

Being a CCNA certified means that you are already aware of the importance of exam dumps and we don’t need to talk about that at all. However, if you are one of those who luckily passed CCNA exam without using the exam dumps, then you should keep in mind that your luck won’t help you in CCNP tests and you need to use the exam dumps – otherwise, you’d have to retake the tests.


If you want to skip your career after a few years, then CCNP isn’t necessary at all. But if you want to grow your skills and your income, CCNP is a must for you, because it is the best way you can use to continue your career. Wish you success!

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