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How to Fix High CPU & Disk Usage by CompatTelRunner.exe

CompatTelRunner.exe is basically a process or service that takes care of the updates such as updating your OS or windows. Also, it plays an essential role in updating Service Packs too.

And why just updating service packs and windows, the process helps windows 10 users in many ways and collecting Customer Experience is one of them. This way user regularly gets improvement in their experience.

Now you know that it’s a valuable service. However, sometimes it takes all up almost all your CPU resources and makes the system to show you the high CPU usage windows 10 error

How to Fix High CPU & Disk Usage by CompatTelRunner.exe

You may have found yourself clueless about the solutions. But not anymore because in this article I’ll present you some methods that get you rid of this error surely.

#1 Perform a System Scan Using Command Prompt

This is a highly recommended method that you should try in case of getting system high disk usage error. Here I’ll show the steps to perform SFC scan using command prompt that will repair all the infected files.

  • Press the windows key and X and open command prompt.
  • Once you have opened it up manually or via anyway, then you need to type or paste this command: sfc /scannow and press enter.

sfc scannow

  • The command will be executed, and it will scan for all the corrupted files in the system and making a replacement for all of them.
  • As it’s a scanning process so you may wait a few minutes until it gets completed.
  • Once it shows you the message like scan is finished, then your last move should restart your PC or the device you are using.

Check for the errors existence and if it is still there then here is the second method.

#2 Stop the Process from Running in Windows

The second method will enlighten you about how to stop the CompatTelRunner.exe process running in your system. Get to know how to disable CompatTelRunner.exe by following these steps to go to Task Scheduler and disable it:

  • Go to the search bar of your windows and type Task Scheduler.
  • In the search result look for the option and click it.
  • It will open up the Task Scheduler window. Now head to the following path Library > Microsoft > Windows > Application Experience.

Task Scheduler Application Experience

  • Once you follow the path to the end, you should see an option saying Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser. Right-click it and choose Disable.
  • It will disable the process by stopping it from running in your windows. As the last step, you need to reboot the system, and I am sure you will not see the error again.
  • But in some cases, the issue can still be there even after disabling the process so you can try the third and next method.

#3 Remove the Service Completely From Your System

It is also known as the Microsoft compatibility telemetry error and removing the file won’t bug you ever again. Remember that removing it can cause some problems to your system so do it at your own risk. It needs your ownership of the device, so I’ll tell you how to do that and delete CompatTelRunner.exe.

  • Get that run dialog box first by pressing windows key and R.
  • Firstly, press Windows + R, fill in the following address and then press Enter.
  • Copy and paste this command into that box and hit enter: C:\Windows\System32


  • It will open up the System32 folder as a new window. Now go to CompatTelRunner file searching the list.
  • Once you find it, right-click the file and go to properties.

CompatTelRunner exe folder

  • In the Properties window go to the Security tab.

Security tab

  • There you can find the Advanced button on the right bottom of the window. Just click on it and you will be able to see Advanced Security Settings window for CompatTelRunner.

Advanced Security Settings window

  • Here change the owner permission by clicking on Change and select the current user profile you are accessing.
  • In the userbox, pick up the username and click on Check Names and lastly click OK.
  • Now you can close the windows, and you are done changing the ownership.
  • Go to that CompatTelRunner file again and right click it. Select properties, go to the Security tab and click Advanced.
  • Now you will be able to see your username, just select it and double-click it.


  • Check the box that says Full Control and in the end click Apply or OK, and you are done giving your name all the permissions of the device.


Now you can delete the file CompatTelRunner.exe, and you won’t get any error message like Access denied. I am sure, once you are done deleting the file permanently you won’t get any error message.

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Following all these methods in the mentioned way you can get rid of the CompatTelRunner.exe error. So guys try these solutions and don’t forget to give your opinions or suggestions on How to Fix High CPU & Disk Usage by CompatTelRunner.exe. Till then keep waiting for the next post with solutions on a different error.

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