Computer Beep Codes List and Their Meaning

A beep code is a kind of audio signal issued by a computer while completing the boot process. Beep codes are mainly associated with a power on self-test (POST). They are basically for alerting the end-user about the problem in hardware components which obstruct the normal functioning of the system. The program used by the microprocessor to boot up the device is BIOS (Basic Input/ Output System). POST is nothing but a part of BIOS itself which inspect for common hardware functions before starting the boot process of the computer.

Computer Beep Codes
Power on Self Test

For example:

  • AMI BIOS beep codes
  • AWARD BIOS beep codes
  • Dell Beep Codes
  • IBM BIOS beep codes
  • Set of Macintosh beep codes
  • Phoenix BIOS beep codes
  • AMI BIOS beep codes: with their meaning are: AMI BIOS, as the name suggests, is a BIOS system that is manufactured by American Megatrends (AMI). It has become widely in-demand that many motherboard manufacturers integrated into this system. These beep codes are normally of short duration and mostly it beeps just after powering on the system.

Different beep codes

Beep CodesCause
1 short beep
It indicate that DRAM refresh process is failed due to long refreshment time
It is caused due to Parity circuit failure
2 short beepsIt is caused due to Parity circuit failure
3 short beepsIt indicates that first 64 KB of RAM needed replacement
4 short beepsIt shows that motherboard timer is not working properly
5 short beepsThis indicate process failure and prompted due to failure of expansion card
6 short beepsIt means that there is an 8042 A20 test error which indicates that motherboard is not working properly
7 short beepsIt means that there is an 8042 A20 test error which indicates that motherboard is not working properly.
1 long and 3 short beepsThis is caused due to memory failure above first 64 KB.
1 long and 8 short beepsIt indicates that video adapter test is failed.
2 long beep or soundThis is a clear indication that the system needs to be restarted and check CPU fan and BIOS program.

AWARD BIOS Beep Codes:

ADWARD, as the name suggest, is a BIOS system that is manufactured by AWARD and now its ownership changes to Phoenix. It has become so popular that many motherboard manufacturers integrated this into their system.

Common beep codes with their meaning are:

Beep Codes Cause Solution
1 short beepThis indicates “all system is clear”No troubleshooting is necessary for this problem
1 long and 2 short beepsIt indicates that error is detected in video cardReplacement of video card
1 long and 3 short beepsEither video card is damaged or bad memory of card is shown by this.Replacing the video card will definitely fix the issue
1 high pitched and 1 low pitched beepIt indicates the processor failure due to overloading of CPU.It can be resolved by reducing the workload and free some memory space.
Repeating high pitched beeps
This is caused due to over-heating of CPUTurn your system off immediately.

DELL Beep Codes:

Beep Codes
1 shortIt indicate that the ROM gets corrupted.
2 shortIt indicates absence of memory or corrupted RAM.
3 shortIt shows the failure of motherboard and immediate action needs to be taken
4 shortIt indicates failure of memory.

5 shortIt shows battery issue.
6 short
It indicates that video card is corrupted or failed and needs to be replaced.
7 shortIt is a clear indication of processor failure.

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IBM BIOS beep codes:

Some common IBM BIOS beep codes are:

Beep CodesCause
1 short beepIt is caused due to POST and not an indication of error.
2 short beepsIt is caused due to POST error.
Continuous beeps

It is caused due to loss of power or loose card.

Repeating short beepsIt indicates failure of power or loose card.
1 Long and 1 short beepIt clearly indicates that motherboard circuit is corrupted or failed.
1 long and 2 short beepsIt shows video card error.
3 long beepsIt shows keyboard error
1 long and 3 short beepsIt indicates error in video (EGA) display circuitry.
1 beep, blank or incorrect display
It is caused due to failure of video card circuitry.

Macintosh Startup Tones:

Some common beep codes are given below:

Error Tone: 2 different tonesIt indicates that there is some error in SCSI bus or some problem occurred in logic board.
Startup ToneIt indicates that there is some problem with video controller.
Power On: No ToneIt clearly indicates error in logic board.
4 Continuous high tones It shows the problem in SIMM.

Phoenix ISA/MCA/EISA BIOS beep codes:

The representations of beep codes are different in this like 1-2-3 means that 1 beep then 2 pause and then 3 beeps again.

Beep CodesCauseDescription and solution
1-1-2Caused due to processor failureIt indicates fault in CPU which can be resolved by replacing it.
Low 1-1-2 It occurs due to System board select failure.It indicates that the motherboard shows undetermined fault which can be resolved only by replacing it.
1-1-3Caused by error in CMOS read/writeCMOS is failed so reseat the CMOS as soon as possible
Low 1-1-3CMOS RAM failureIt indicates that extended part of the CMOS RAM got corrupted.
1-1-4BIOS ROM error It indicates that BIOS ROM has failed and needs replacement.
1-2-1Caused due to failure of PIT It shows that Programmable interrupt times is failed and needs replacement.
1-2-2 Caused due to the failure of DRAM It clearly indicates that DMA Controller has failed. To resolve this IC chip needs to be replaced.
1-4-2 Caused when Parity RAM fail It shows that first RAM IC chip cause error which needs replacement.
1-4-4It occur on EISA NMI port 462 test It clearly warns that motherboard should be replaced.
2-2-1 64 KB RAM failure It indicates bit4 error that can be resolved by replacing the IC chip.

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