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How to Enable or Disable SwiftKey Suggestions in Windows 10

Notably, Windows 10 offers an enhanced prediction and autocorrecting features more specifically while you are typing using Microsoft SwiftKey technologies. However, to enjoy this feature one requires you to enable it in case it is disabled in your windows computer.

As per from the October 2018 windows 10 update Microsoft introduced another technology referred to as SwiftKey intelligence. Typically, this technology is referred to as intelligence since it learns your style of typing to facilitate the provision of accurate predictions and auto-corrections.

The predictions and auto-correction features have been available in android and Ios for some time. This triggered Microsoft to include the feature on Windows 10 thus making the functionality available on windows more specifically while using touch keyboards.

Therefore, to manage this particular feature, i.e. to enable or disable the Swift Key suggestions there are specific guidelines that should be followed. This article provides you with specific guidelines to enable or disable the SwiftKey for all languages in your computer to enhance or maximize typing accuracy on windows 10.

Guidelines for enabling and disabling SwiftKey suggestions and auto-correction features

To improve typing accuracy of text auto-corrections and suggestions as you are typing in Windows 10, you can easily enable or disable SwiftKey through the steps below

  1. Open your computer Settings
  2. Select Devices option
  3. Press Typing option
  4. In the More settings options select the suggestions and auto-corrections Tab                                    
  5. After clicking the suggestions and auto-corrections link, select the language that you want to enable prediction depending with the languages installed in your computer and then turn on or off the toggle button or switch for the language you have chosen.

Once you have followed the above guidelines and completed them, Windows 10 will offer auto-corrections and suggestions with respect to the selected settings.

While writing or rather typing SwiftKey is readily available specifically when using the United States English, Spanish, French, Italian Russian, Portuguese or United Kingdom English.

In case the above settings are not available, i.e. you can’t see them on your Windows computer it’s because you are probably running an older version of Windows 10 and not the latest or newest version.

The Swift intelligence technology is readily available for various Windows 10 versions starting from version 1809 whose update was officially expected to reach or arrive market in October 2018

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