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These days err_name_resolution_failed error in chrome is in the trend that means it doesn’t take you to the requested site and instead shows up the err name not resolved message.

It often happens in Chrome when you are about to visit a site, and it shows nothing but an err_name_resolution_failed error in chrome or something like DNS lookup failed windows 10. But you get the luckiest because you are visiting Techtosh that has the perfect solution to your problem that you can follow in very easy steps.



Don’t you want to know that what is the DNS lookup failed windows 10 error exactly? So before getting to the solution lets know more about the problem.

Well, this error claims to stay in the browser Chrome whenever you want to visit a site. It tells you the error message, and as a result, it seems like there is no internet connection. 

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But guess what, all other sites work fine, and you are able to access these websites except the one you are getting the message on. So don’t worry I’m going to take you to solve the error or the message DNS server could not be found by mentioning these methods here.

#1 Reset Winsock Catalog Using the Netsh Command

On the purpose of solving the err_name_resolution_failed error in chrome, you need to reset the Winsock catalog on your PC.  There is nothing terrible, just some simple steps and do in the same order.

  • Turn on the windows and grab it to do some work.
  • Just press the Windows key + X together and it will show a menu of several options.
  • Look for the Command Prompt (Admin) and click on it. There are two command prompt options so choose only the one with the Admin.
  • If you see a prompt, then click on Yes that means this action is executed by the admin of this PC.
  • The command prompt will appear so type this command in the space ‘ipconfig /release’ and press the Enter key once.
  • In the same way type or paste all these commands in the same order ‘ipconfig /all’ and hit Enter.
  • Type the command ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ and again hit Enter. Do not copy the quotation marks and just the text.
  • Do same for the next command which is ‘ipconfig /renew’ and go for the enter key.

Reset Winsock Catalog Using the Netsh Command

  • Now, this time you need to type or paste the following text ‘netsh int ip set dns’ without quotation marks and press Enter.
  • Lastly, type this command in the command prompt ‘netsh Winsock reset’ and just hit the Enter key.
  • You are done so just hit a restart on your device and launch the Chrome again and check if the site is working this time.

Reset Winsock Catalog Using the Netsh Command

Do not worry if all these commands are of no use; you can always check the next methods.

#2 Alter the DNS Addresses

If the first method didn’t work for you then changing Domain Name Server’s IP address can fix the issue. The DNS IP addresses are redefined, and you need to change these to Google DNS addresses by replacing them the old ones from the new ones. There is nothing that is unsure because every single step is mention here:

  • Get your device and turn it on.
  • Find the Network connection icon that can be in the toolbar or perform a search for it.
  • When you find it, just right click on the icon and choose Open Network and Sharing Center.

Change DNS Address

  • It will open up a new window, and in the left sidebar, you see an option Change adapter settings so just click on that.

Change DNS Address

  • It shows your current Internet connection that you need to right click on.

Change DNS Address

  • From the options, select Properties that opens a new dialog box. Here you can see Internet Protocol Version 4 or TCP/IPv4. Select it and choose Properties again.

Change DNS Address

  • On choosing Properties, it displays a space where you see the DNS IP address. You need to replace it with the following IP address- For IPv4: or and For IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8888 or 2001:4860:4860::8844.

Change DNS Address

  • As a final step save all the settings and relaunch the Chrome. Put that URL again and check the status again.

#3 Reset Your Browser

If the problem persists you can try resetting your browser if you want to this error in chrome. So follow these steps in resetting Chrome:

  • Get your device and launch the Chrome.
  • After this paste the text in the space where you put the URL- ‘chrome://flags/’ without quotation marks.

Reset Google Chrome

  • As you hit Enter, a new window opens up. There you see an option ‘Reset all to default’ so just hit the option and restart Google Chrome.

Reset Google Chrome

Many times it solves the problem, and if it doesn’t then, you can head to some other methods.

Other Solutions on Solving Name_Resolution Error in Chrome

1) Check your router or modem and shut it down for a few minutes and then start it again. It should be the first thing that you can do before making any changes to your computer.

2) Always remember to check your antivirus if it is blocking any sites or not. You can also disable your firewall or antivirus and then relaunch Chrome and try that URL again.

3) If you think that site was working fine before you download any particular software or drivers then try uninstalling them. These drivers or software may be faulty or corrupted. So uninstalling them may result in the opening of that URL.

Note: Always take care that from where you are downloading your software of files. Choose only the reliable sources for downloading any content to skip these issues.


By now you know some very useful methods to solve the err name resolution failed error in chrome. Just don’t be panic because where there is a problem, there is a solution.

And all these mentioned tips will surely get you out of trouble. So share your opinions with me and keep visiting the blog for more fantastic solutions.

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