[Fix] Error 1603 – Fatal Error Occurred during Installation Windows 7/8/10

Error code 1603: A fatal error during installation is an error code message which often pop-ups during the installation of any programme or windows installer package in MS Windows OS. This error also happens while installing skype.

Error code 1603 is showed by the windows installer machine when it is unable to perform all the required steps to complete the installation. This error code means that one of the system actions in the MSI failed during the installation process.

Why Error code 1603 occurs?

There are few reasons which cause this error code appears during the installation process-

  • Windows installer trying to install a programme that is already installed on your PC.
  • Short file name creating is not enabled on the target machine.
  • There may be a locked file that cannot be overwritten.
  • Your windows TEMP folder may not have enough space to save files.
  • The setup was corrupted after installation.

How to Solve Fatal Error

And there are other reasons behind Error code 1603 fatal error message, But I’m not going to discuss all of them, now let’s jump to the solution without wasting the time.

1.) Using Microsoft Fix it and Run it Program

First of all, I’m going to tell you the easiest method to fix “Error code 1603” problem, follow the steps below.

Now you can install/uninstall any programme you want to. Above method have solved this problem in the majority of cases. I hope it will work for you too.

These methods below might work but there is no guarantee that these method gonna work for sure. These methods are kinda hit and trial method but they might be useful if you are not able to install any application due to these problems.

I’m suggesting you try these methods because these methods can save a lot of troubles for you if your problem is minor.

2) By changing the installation location: Change installation location of the programme you are trying to install

Many time “fatal error occurred during installation 1603” problem occurs because of the location you choose to install the programme is not available due to many reasons one of them is being encrypted.

You can choose another installation folder to install the programme and try again to install the programme.

3) By clean uninstall of any pre-existing version of the same programme:

If above step doesn’t solve your problem then you must completely uninstall the programme if you installed that programme before on your PC.

— You need to perform a clean uninstall of the previously installed version of that programme. Here Clean uninstall means that you need to remove all the temporary files and preferences it leaves in addition to the major programme.

If you are not sure whether you have installed any old version of that programme on your pc then you can check it.

  • Go to Control Panel —>Programmes and features
  • Then you can check there if the application is on the list. If it is, then uninstall it.

4) By Restarting and Reregistering Microsoft installer service:

You are here this means that above two methods didn’t work. Well in this step you have to restart and re-register Microsoft installer service because sometimes MSI doesn’t work due to many problems like msi error codes.

How to restart windows installer service:

  • Press Win+R in your pc, it will open the Run box
  • Type “services.msc” with quotes.
  • Locate windows installer and click on it.
  • Click on the left side start button then click on ok(if service is already running then first stop it and then again run it).

restart windows installer service

How to register windows installer service:

  • Press WIN+R, type “msiexec/unregister” and press enter.
  • Press WIN+R again and enter “msiexec /regserver“.

register windows installer service

5) By obtaining full permission on the drive:

Sometimes you might get “Error code 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation” problem because you don’t have the full permission on the file location where you are trying to install your programme. It might solve your problem by getting full permissions on the drive you are installing your programme.

obtaining full permission on the drive

  • The first step is to Open File Explorer then right click on the drive which contains the installation file location and then select Properties.
  • Select security tab in the open window and click on edit button.
  • Now click on the system and make sure to check “Allow box” of every item. Repeat the same steps in Administrators.
  • To go back to properties dialog click on the ok button. After that click on advanced.
  • Next click on the change permissions button.
  • Now on Permissions tab, double click on Administrators.
  • Next in “Applies to” box select “This folder, subfolder, and files” and tick all the basic permissions then click on ok.
  • Repeat the same steps System then click OK. Now you have full permissions on the drive. Now you can try again to install the application and see if your problem is resolved.

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