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How to find Saved WiFi password on Android devices?

There are many ways to find saved WiFi password on your Android device and we are going to present few of them that you can handle without any additional problem. We have seen that many people are using Android Phones and that is the reason we decided to provide you with this guide that will help you understand how to do it and what to do when you forget your own password.

How to View the Saved Wi-Fi network password on Android devices?

If you want to use your Android device in order to see Wi-Fi network, you have to follow our guide that will help you understand how to do it and in which cases you cannot.

find Saved WiFi password on Android

There are original settings on Android that will not allow you to finish this idea, and that is the reason you have to root your Android smartphone in order to reach Wi-Fi password.

It doesn’t matter if you want to see the password of your own Wi-Fi network or any other Wi-Fi connection around you because you don’t have to dig out the router and read the password.

However, sometimes the password is not even written, so you will just lose time. That is the reason you should choose our way of doing so, but you have to use the rooted Android device in order to access unencrypted conf file that contains all Wi-Fi codes that you need.

If you have a router in your apartment, you can give guest access to your Wi-Fi network without a code: for that, you just have to press WPS Push button on the router in order to activate WPS Push feature and you will be able to establish the connection without the Wi-Fi password.

If you ever want to find saved password for windows pc check out article about How to Find Saved Wi-Fi password on Windows 10/8.1/8/7?

However, this feature only works with Android phones and it could interfere with the security of the network and that is the reason you should choose the different way.

#1. Root your phone

In order to reach access codes of wireless networks all around you, first, you have to enter the file system that is accessible to your rooted Android device. There are numerous ways to root your phone, you can take it to someone who does it for money, and there is also a way to do it by yourself, however, with numerous applications that will help you reach your goal.

Rooting the Android phone is something similar to jailbreaking, which means that it will unlock the operating system so that you can expand the limitations and to install unapproved applications, to gain the possibility to clock the processor and to customize anything that you cannot do instead.

Even though this could be scaring process, modern technology has given us the possibility to do it in a matter of minutes and what is most important for free.

You just have to install KingoRoot and with one click you will be able to root your device without any additional problems.

#2. How to root your Android device?


  1. The easiest way is to install KingoRoot application and you will be able to do it in one single tap. Download the app –
  2. The most complicating part is installing it, because it is not available on Play Store, and you have to find it online and manually install it.
  3. The best way to do it is to enter KingoRoot in Google search engine and you will find numerous sources, or you can do it from PC and send yourself to email and later download it from email directly to your phone.
  4. In order to be certain that installation could happen, you must ensure that you can install applications from unknown sources.
  5. When it is installed, just tap the circle and wait for 60 seconds and everything will be over.

#3. Call the Root Directory

You just have to find the file manager that will display your root content. In this case, we will use Amaze File Manager because it could open config file as text so that you can see wireless password codes for all available networks that you have entered.

#4. Amaze File Manager

  1. First of all, you have to authorize the file explorer to open all rooted directories.
  2. You will do that at the very bottom of your app settings.
  3. When you enter the directory tree you have to follow these steps: find data and then misc. and you will be able to find Wi-Fi.
  4. In this particular folder, you will be able to find the file that is named wpa_supplicant.conf. This particular file contains all networks in text format and you will be able to check your own saved WiFi password in a matter of seconds.

Amaze File Manager wpa_supplicant

Download the Amaze File Manager Here from Play Store.

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We have presented you a way to check the saved Wi-Fi password on your Android device, however, you have to root it before you decide to use this guide because that way you will certainly succeed in your idea. Next time when you forget your password, you know what to do.

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