Fix: Class Not Registered when Opening JPEGs on Windows 10

As we all know windows 10 always encounter errors. Most of the times these errors make us hopeless just like the ‘Class Not Registered when Opening JPEGs on Windows 10 error.’ The error appears when the user tries to open up a .jpg file and then gets the error message. So I have brought you some possible fixes on this issue.

Class not Registered error when opening .JPG picture file

How To Fix Class Not Registered When Opening Jpegs On Windows 10?

#1 Set The Windows Photo Viewer As Default

  • First access control panel, press windows key and X and choose Control Panel
  • Set View by Category and find Programs
  • Click it and choose Default programs

control-panel defaults programs

  • Here click the option that says Associate a file type with a specific program

Associate a file type with a specific program

  • A list will be on your screen where you need to locate jpg and jpeg
  • Once you find both, click any of these and go to the upper right corner of the window where you will see Change Program

Associate a jpg file type with a specific program

  • Click the option and it will show you a list of programs with which you can open your images
  • Select Windows Photo Viewer from the list and hit OK
  • Do the same with another format and now you can view your images without any error

#2 Make Use Of Powershell And Restore Default Apps

For this we will make use of command prompt or the PowerShell, go with the steps and follow them:

  • Bring the command prompt on the screen by pressing windows key and X and choose it from there
  • A black window will be there, so just type PowerShell and hit the enter key
  • It will now become a PowerShell Prompt where you need to put the command:

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

  • Once you are done entering the command, press that Enter key to let the command execute
  • Just wait a bit and you’re done solving the class not registered when opening jpegs on windows 10 error.

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