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What is DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config Error and How to Fix it.

The article is about solving the DNS_probe_finished_bad_config error. The error can occur on just any version of windows whether it is 7, 8, or 10. Just like the common windows errors this one also makes the place. But as I always say every problem comes with a solution, so you are going to see some beneficial methods and known more about the DNS error. You can also check DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.

What Is A DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config Error?


First DNS means Domain Name System. DNS works as a translator that translates domain names to IP addresses so that the networking system can understand it and redirect you to the requested web page. In the same way, it translates IP address to the domain name so you can understand it and remember it more efficiently because remembering domain names is easier than numbers.

As you can understand the error relates to the internet, and so it appears when there is a problem going on with the DNS system. And you see DNS bad config error message while accessing any site. Hence in order to resolve the error, you need to tweak some settings of the DNS server by following these troubleshooting methods.

Methods I Am Going To Use To Fix DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config Error

#1 Restart Your Router

The first and simple method to get rid of DNS error messages is restarting the router or modem. You can just plug out the LAN cable for a few minutes or turn off the power switch and turn it on later. Check out that website again if the error message is still there.

#2 Try Disabling Your Antivirus

Another simple method is disabling your antivirus. Sometimes antivirus does not allow accessing websites that seem unsafe to the software. So make sure you access the site again after disabling the antivirus for a few minutes or until next restart. It can help you on how to solve the DNS_probe_finished issue and try disabling the firewall protection too. For this here are the steps-

  • You need to go to the control panel either manually or press Windows key and X and then select control panel.
  • Now look for the icon saying System & Security, open it and click on Windows Firewall.
  • There you can see the option as Turn Windows Firewall off (not recommended). You can disable it for a few minutes and try browsing the website again.

Turn Windows Firewall off

  • First, try with just antivirus disabled, and if you still can’t access it then try with both software disabled.

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#3 Delete Cache, Cookies, And Temp Files

The third step is to tweak some settings in your browser. So follow these steps with me-

  • If you are using chrome, then go to settings by clicking on the three dots situated at upper right corner.
  • Now you see three horizontal lines on the upper left corner in the settings window.
  • Click on it and then go to Advanced.
  • Here you see Privacy and Security, just click on it, and it will open the panel of privacy and security.
  • There click on clear browsing data which opens up a pop up on the browser’s screen. Select Advanced and in the Time range click on All time.
  • Tick on all the options given below such as cookies, download history, cached images, etc. and click on clear data.
  • It will clear all the data for the selected options. Uncheck the passwords field if you wish to keep the remembered passwords.
  • Now come to your desktop and search for the ‘Temp’ files and hit enter.
  • It will open up the temp folder where you need to delete all these files and you are done.

#4  Check The Website Blocker And Turn It Off

Sometimes we use waste blockers to block particular websites or the harmful ones. If you think it may be the reason then check the website blocker you are using and disable it. Else check the proxy connection and turn it off.

  • Open your browser and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Go to More Tools and then Extensions.
  • Here in the new window, you can see all the add-ons or extension installed in your browser.
  • If you see anything like the ad blocker, then disable it and then try rechecking the website. Or restart the browser and then check the URL again.

#5 Install the Latest Network Driver

The fifth method is about looking out for any damaged or corrupted network drivers. It may be the case that you have outdated network drivers, and they are causing this malfunctioning.

  • Right Click on the My Computer icon and select Manage.
  • It will open a new window, and there you click on Device Manager.
  • It will open up all the drivers installed for every single peripheral. Now expand the Network Adapters section and check for an exclamation mark.

update driver software

  • If it exists then you just right click on it and go to update driver software, follow the instructions and you are done.

#6  Flush The DNS Cache

Just like clearing the browser’s cache we are going to flush out the DNS cache. You just stick with these steps and get it done-

  • First, you need to open the command prompt. So press Windows key and X and select command prompt.
  • The black window will appear, and there you just put the entire command and press enter: ipconfig /flushing DNS. Now you are down, and you can check the webpage again in your browser.

Flush The DNS Cache

#7 Reset IP Catalog

Again, a simple yet effective method to get rid of the dns bad configuration message.

  • Open the command prompt again following the steps I mentioned earlier.
  • Now the black is there, and you need to put this command over there: netsh int IP reset and hit enter.
  • Again in that command prompt copy and paste this line: netsh winsock reset catalog and hit enter.

Reset IP Catalog

  • Now, you are done resetting the IP catalog, and you can access the page now. If not, then follow the next method.

#8 Try Renewing the IP Address

If you have tried all these methods and still facing the issue, then don’t worry because this one is a legendary method that helps you solving all the networking problems. Just go along and fix DNS bad config error-

  • Get the Command Prompt by typing cmd in the Run dialog box or pressing Windows key and X and select command prompt.
  • Once you see the cmd window, paste this following line in that space and hit enter: ipconfig /release

Renewing the IP Address

  • This step will delete the current IP address so you can out a new one.
  • Next, enter this command at the command prompt: ipconfig /renew and hit enter. It will renew your IP address, and you can check the webpage now.

Renewing the IP Address

#9 Tweak the DNS Servers

This one is the last and most powerful step. It is gonna take a few minutes but it is a must follow if any of the steps mentioned above did not help you much.

  • You need to open the network connection. Instead of doing it manually just press Windows key and R.
  • It will bring the Run dialogue box and type ncpa.cpl in the given space and hit enter.
  • Now a window named as Network Connections will arrive on the screen.
  • Here select your primary internet connection that you are running and right click it.
  • Go to properties that will open a new window.
  • There select the Internet Protocol Version 4 and go to its Properties.

Tweak the DNS Servers

  • In the general tab click the option saying ‘Use the following DNS server addresses.’
  • Here you will be provided with the space to enter the DNS address: or

Tweak the DNS Servers

  • Click OK and your settings will be saved. This is the ultimate opinion that will surely bring you out of all the troubles.


Guys, I hope these nine methods will help you solving the Dns_probe_finished_bad_config error. Start with the easiest one and if the error doesn’t get solved continue to try until the last one. So try any of these and let me know which one was helpful in your case and don’t forget to share with your buddies.

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