Fix Error Code 0x80190001 during Windows 10 Update or Setup

Sometimes updating your windows might delay or takes much longer than the usual due to some technical errors or issues that either limits or blocks windows from updating successfully.

Among the most possible error that is commonly encountered is error code 0x80190001 during Windows 10 Update or Setup. Primarily, this error can occur on any windows despite the version.  Majority of computer users have encountered the issue that results to blocking of the creators update as well as installation. To solve this error on your Pc follow the steps provided below.

Fix Error Code 0x80190001 during Windows 10 Update

Solutions on How to fix error code 0x80190001 during Windows 10 Update or Setup

Error code 0x80190001 has various effects since it can prevent or inhibit the computer from downloading updates that in turn can result in security and compatibility issues, for instance, you may experience issues like windows update failure and windows 10 creators update error code 0x80190001. in case you experience any other these issue here are some of the steps that can help you resolve the error,

Method 1: Kill your internet connectivity 

Sometimes by disabling or killing your computer’s internet connection can help fix error code 0x80190001. However, before you disable the computer internet connection ensure that you have already downloaded the new update and the installation process has started. Then as your PC installs the newly downloaded updates disable or kill its internet connection.

After you have disabled the internet connection, follow the instruction that appears on the screen to complete the installation process. The process is not as effective but there are chances that by doing so the error might.

Method 2: Antivirus checkup

Antivirus programs issues might cause error code 0x80190001 resulting to the failure of windows update. Generally, antiviruses provide protection, however; they can regularly interfere with computer system resulting in the occurrence of various issues and errors.

If this is the case then you might need to disable some antivirus feature and check whether the problem resolves. In case the problem is not solved then you need to disable your antivirus completely.

In case the issue is worse, the only option left is to uninstall any third party antivirus programs form your computer, and then check if the error resolves. In case the problem is solved after removing the antivirus software then you should switch to a different antivirus from the one previously installed. There are different varieties of antiviruses that can be used effectively without interfering with your computer

Method 3: Run Troubleshooter for windows update

To fix commonly experienced windows update issues run the in-built troubleshooter for windows, through this, all windows 10 related update files and software distributions contents folders will be cleared. In addition, it will check for services related to windows update status, repair and rest windows update components and check for any pending update.

Method 4: Junk and Temporary Files Clean Up

Windows 10 can automatically clean up temporary files through storage sense feature or you can clean them manually from your PC. Manual clean up involves scanning the computer storage where a list of files that can be deleted is provided. The offered can have the important file, therefore, make sure to double check you important folders such as downloads folder to ensure that important files are can be maintained and not deleted.

Method 5: Clean software distribution files

In case of windows update is having some issue such showing error codes you can consider deleting software distribution folder especially when its size have grown large. You can access this folder in file explorer (C:\Windows\Software Distribution)

To delete this particular folder in Windows 10, press windows key plus letter X (windows key + X) in your keyboard, a Win + X menu opens. On the prompt that opens select PowerShell (Admin) or Command prompt (Admin).

After it opens, type the following and click enter

net stop wuauserv

net stop bits

Through this, background intelligence transfer and windows update services will be stopped

At this point, you can now browse software distribution folder through the above path to delete it. To make it work easier you can Ctrl + A to select all files in the folder and hit delete.

In case the files in the folder are in use you will be unable to delete them, reboot your PC and once it switches on to run the command again.  At this time you will be able to delete the files.

Once they are deleted and the folder is empty restart your computer and the folder gets fresh files. You can opt to rename the software distribution folder or not

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