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Fix Nvidia Geforce Experience Won’t Open Issue [Solved]

Today’s article is about how to fix Nvidia Geforce Experience Won’t Open error where I’m going to show you some solutions, and by using them, you can get rid of the error message.

Nvidia as we all know designs graphics processing units that mainly supports playing games. Nvidia recently featured a brand named GeForce for its GPU units that supports all major devices. This way GeForce works as the elements that support all the gaming factors in PC, laptop or any device that supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Geforce Experience Won't Open

But sometimes you face issue related to your graphics card and receive error messages, and one of them is GeForce Experience not opening or not working issue. This is most common when you are operating windows 10. 

How to Fix Nvidia Geforce Experience Won’t Open Error

So, in order to fix all the issues related to your graphics card, I bring you the most efficient and proven methods to eliminate all these errors and continue the gaming experience.

#1 Perform a Restart to Geforce Service

The first possible solution can be restarting your graphics card service. Bringing back the GeForce Service in running status can solve the error message and keep you browse the games.

Sometimes it may happen that your graphics card is set to manual turn on setting where it won’t start until you perform an action to turn it on. So considering it the most straightforward method you need to turn off the service and then turn it on. If it is your first time with this type of issue then here are the proper steps that you just need to follow and eliminate the can’t open NVIDIA GeForce Experience on your Windows 10.

  • Press the Windows key and R together to open the run dialog box.
  • Type services.msc or paste it directly into the given space and press enter.


  • Here you can see all the services listed, and you are supposed to find a service named NVIDIA GeForce Experience Service.

find a service named NVIDIA GeForce Experience Service.

  • Once you find the service right click it and check if there is an option to restart.
  • Just press Restart or Start and also check if the service is set to manual.
  • To check it, right click on the service and got to properties.
  • There you should see an option saying startup type automatic or manual.
  • Make sure you check the box saying automatic and uncheck the manual option.
  • At last, save all the settings and restart the PC or whoever device you use. Check if the error message shows again.

If you still find the error message, then you should find the next method as it can help you possibly.

#2 Try Uninstalling Geforce Driver

This technique is about uninstalling the graphics card drivers and then reinstalling them. There are times when you can get any hardware issue solved just by uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. And the same thing you need to follow with the GeForce drivers. Remember that you should have the NVIDIA driver file so you can install them again else giving your device a restart install the drivers automatically. The entire method is based on the Device manager so here are the helpful steps:

  • Go to device manager by right clicking on my computer icon.
  • Now choose manage and there go to device manager in the left panel.
  • Here you can find something like Display Drivers so just expand it and select NVIDIA Graphics Driver.
  • Right click on the driver and click uninstall. It shows you a warning, and you just check on Confirm or Yes, and the drivers will be uninstalled.

select NVIDIA Graphics Driver

  • At last, you can reset your device, and when you get back on the screen, it will install the drivers itself.
  • You can check if the drivers are installed by going to the same location in device manager.

In case if these are not installed you can install it using that file that came with your graphics card or just visits the official website of Nvidia.

#3 Try Re-Installing Geforce Service

In most cases, the error occurs because some bad elements like viruses or malware interfere with the installation file. This makes the installation wrong or faulty and results you the Nvidia Geforce Experience Won’t Open error message. If you think this case, then it’s better to reinstall the GeForce service instead of struggling unnecessarily.

Reinstall GeForce Experience

Also, the particular vision of the GeForce service does not support the windows you are operating. So take care of this thing too and get a proper GeForce service installation file. Here are the steps:

  • Firstly get the fresh installation file or download it via the official website:
  • But before performing the installation, remove all the files of the previous version by going to control panel and uninstall the file.
  • Open control panel, go to programs, find the program named Nvidia GeForce Experience and click on uninstall.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and remove it completely.
  • Now restart your PC and try installing the new file for the GeForce service.
  • No special skills needed, just go with the instructions and install the service.

By now the error should be gone, and you play the game flawlessly.

#4 Update Nvidia Graphic Driver

The fourth one is updating your NVIDIA Graphic Driver if nothing works in your case to eliminate the Geforce Experience Won’t Open Issue. Follow these steps here:

  • Go to my computer icon. Right-click it and select Manage.
  • Here in the left panel go to Manage Device.
  • Search for the Display Drivers in the list and expand it to find Nvidia graphics Driver.
  • Right click on it and look for the option Update Driver.
  • As you click on the update option the pop up appears and you just need to follow the instructions accordingly.
  • The on-screen guide makes the update process easy that anyone can do on their own.
  • Also if you will be asked to enter account then create a new account instead of putting the old one. Take all your files into that newly created account and delete the old one entirely.

Additional tip: You can also try disabling the windows firewall and any antivirus that you are using.


I hope following all these mentioned tips will be the perfect answer to your query how to fix Nvidia Geforce Experience Won’t Open error. So don’t forget to comment below and mention the best solution that worked for you. Also share these tips with your friends and all the best for you gaming experiences guys.

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