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How to Fix MSVCP140.dll is Missing [Windows 10, 7] Error

Many of us face this issue when we try to open a program, and it shows the error message ‘msvcp140.dll missing.’ well, it’s not any recent issue, and it has been showing up in windows 10 for years just like other issues. That’s why the program can’t start because msvcp140.dll is missing.

MSVCP140.dll is Missing

The error is related to the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, so this package is responsible for the error message. Sometimes the dll file gets affected by viruses or gets deleted from your system and hence shows up the missing error message.

There is nothing to worry about because there are some effective solutions on fixing the dll file missing error message. You will be able to open the application normally whether if it is your game or other application.

How to Fix msvcp140.dll is missing from your computer

#1 Go To Recycle Bin and Check Dll File

Sometimes clicks happen, and it makes the dll file to the recycle bin. In other words, it is possible that you deleted the dll file accidentally. To be sure if it is there or not, just open up the recycle bin folder and search for ‘MSVCP140.dll.’ if you find it there then right click the file and select Restore.

#2 Reinstall the Software

Another simple solution on clearing the error message is installing the software that shows you the error. Also, download it from another trustworthy website because sometimes we download malware instead of files and then get these error messages.

#3 Run System File Checker

The next solution to get rid of msvcp140.dll missing error message is it to run file check application.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the command prompt by hitting windows key and X and select the program
  • It will open up in a black looking window. There type this command: sfc /scannow and press the Enter key.

sfc scannow

  • Wait a few minutes till it scans all the corrupted files and repairs them.
  • After the operation gets done, you can recheck the program if it is still showing the error message.

#4 Install Windows Update

Sometimes keeping your operating system up to date solves significant issues in seconds. So try updating your windows by following these easy steps:

  • Press a combination of two keys: Windows key + I and from there select Updates & Security.
  • In the new window look for ‘Check for Updates’ and click it.

Install Windows Update

  • It will scan the system for windows update if any and bring you the results
  • Install the update and reboot your system and try running the software again.

In most cases, this solves the dll error message but if you still get it them try this last solution which is very effective.

#5 Download and Install MSVCP140.Dll Separately

Yes, it is possible to download the dll file separately which is missing from your system. After that, you can install it like any other software program and then you won’t face the error message anymore. To download this DLL file go to and there check for MSVCP140.dll and download it.

You can also download dll files from other sources; just make sure they are trustworthy.

Sometimes you download malware and make the situation even worse.

After you have downloaded the file, just extract it and copy the extracted dll file into C:/Windows/System32 (for 64-bit systems) or C:/Windows/SysWOW64 (for 32-bit systems).


Now you know how to fix MSVCP140.dll Missing error message. Just try all these solutions, and your issue will be fixed for sure. You can share your thoughts here.

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