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How to Fix MSVCR120.dll Is Missing On Windows

Facing the dll error is familiar from all these years when you get a message something like ‘This application failed to start because MSVCR120.dll was not found.

Now many of you don’t know the answer, and it is natural because you are not experts, but you can be by reading out this article and solve the DLL error all by yourself. There are a few steps that can fix the MSVCR120.dll is missing on Windows 10 or 7 issue. And the error means you have a corrupted dll file or there is no dll at all so here continue with me on how to fix msvcr120.dll.


What Is A dll File?

Before processing further, you should know that what A DLL file is. DLL means Dynamic Link Library; this file contains some instructions that are needed by other programs to do specific works. Now if the dll is missing that means there are no instructions for applications, and they will not be able to execute the particular tasks they are made for and that’s why having a perfect dll file is necessary. Read more about DLL file here

Ways to Fix the MSVCR120.dll Is Missing On Windows 10

#1 Install dll File Manually to Remove MSVCR120.dll Error

It is the easiest way to replace a corrupted dll with a fixed dll file. You just need to download the dll from anywhere on the internet. Just remember to check if the site has a good ranking that means it’s not a spam soy toucan safe your PC against viruses.

  • Just type download dll file and there will be many sites in the search results of Google. You can go to any reliable website and just download the file.
  • Now the file is downloaded, and you need to put MSVCR120.dll in the right location in your PC. Windows 32-bit users need can go to the location C:\Windows\system32 and paste your dll file here.

Fix MSVCR120

  • Windows 64-bit users need to follow a different method as there are two dll files for 64-bit Windows. So make sure you copy the 32-bit MSVCR120.dll to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and the 64-bit dll to C:\Windows\System32.
  • This way you put the 32-bit file in the 64-bit folder and 64-bit dll file in the 32-bit folder.
  • In the next step, launch the run dialog box by pressing Win + R.
  • Type regsvr32 msvcr120.dll and click ok or press the Enter key. Now you won’t get the pop up of a missing dll file and voila.

#2 Try Downloading the Visual C++ Packages from the Official Source

Sometimes the error occurs when you download the different Visual C++ Redistributable Packages, and your PC doesn’t have that dll file for the package.

Visual C++

So in order to go forward on how to fix msvcr120.dll, you should download the Visual Studio 2013 form the official website of Microsoft as this msvcr120.dll file belongs to Visual Studio 2013.

Follow the same for downloading the dll file. Downloading the dll file from the official source like Microsoft guarantees you no viruses or malware. So always go to the approved sources for DLL files.

#3 Check If the Downloaded Program Is the Issue

Every Time it’s not a fault of your PC or the dll file. Many times the chances are that your dll file is all fixed, but the software you downloaded is corrupted. So, in this case, you need to download that software from a different website or source and then try installing it again.

If it’s with the downloaded setup, then the error will get fixed automatically and this way it saves your time to fix the MSVCR120.dll is missing on Windows 10. Here are the steps for deleting the corrupted program entirely;

  • Go to the Run box or press keys Win + R together to open it up.
  • Now in the space provided, type ‘appwiz.cpl’ and hit Enter.

appwiz cpl

  • It opens up all the programs installed on your computer so you can find the program that is giving you the error.
  • As you click that program, it asks you to Uninstall or Change, and you better click on uninstall.
  • Follow every instruction and if any option appears that asks ‘Remove the program completely’ then check this box and click on Finish.
  • Now that the program has gone, you can download and install a fresh and fixed setup from another website. If it asks you to restart then go on and try installing it again.

#4 Use Your Antivirus to Perform Scan

Sometimes it can be any virus on your PC that gets in the way and does not allow your dll to run. Is it is the issue then it won’t get solved until you run a scan for viruses and malware.

At last after getting the results just select delete all and try installing the program again.

You need to perform a full system scan that may take up time but gives you 100% real results about the infected files antiviruses like Avast, Norton and AVG are always helpful to check the PC efficiently.

After you’re done deleting the files or viruses, you can restart your device and try with that program again and see if the error is gone.

#5 Perform the System File Checker

It is a tool that Windows provider you and it is named System File Checker. This checker checks for any corrupted file on the PC and repairs it on its own. So there is no doubt that it is going to be a useful tool in your case. To do this, here are very simple steps:

  • Get the Run box by pressing Win + R or just going to search panel and type Run.
  • Now in the box, put this text ‘CMD’ and then press the Enter key.sfc scannow
  • Command prompt will appear and in that black area type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.
  • Here begins the scanning process that will find out any corrupted file and replace it automatically.
  • When it’s done after a few minutes, you can install that program again and see if the error is there or not.


So, guys, these were all the methods to fix the MSVCR120.dll is missing in Windows trouble. I hope you would find these useful so don’t forget to let me know that what was your situations which method was helpful for you. Also, share with your friends in case they are dealing with the same situation.

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