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Fix Oops… A Server Error Occurred And Your Email Was Not Sent. (#007)

Oops… A Server Error Occurred And Your Email Was Not Sent. (#007): Gmail offers you free email sending services, and as we know, it is one of the most popular email platforms. Currently, it has over one billion active users, and the numbers are still rising. The reason behind the popularity is reliable and free of cost services so you can send electronic mail to just anyone if you have their email id. But, it makes you face some difficulties too, and an error occurs like ‘a server error occurred and your email was not sent.’

Oops... A Server Error Occurred And Your Email Was Not Sent. (#007)

This is a common problem now that happens almost with everyone at any time. But there are some fixes to get rid of it and trying them all can set you free from seeing the error message, and you can send the mail successfully. Solve other google service issue YouTube Videos Black Screen Error.

How to Fix Gmail Error 007

#1 Fix Using ‘Background Send’ Lab

You need to do a little tweaking in the lab known as Background send and to do this follow these points:

  • Go to your Gmail account by signing in.
  • In the top right side, look for the Gear Box and click it.
  • Select Settings that will open up a new page in the browser.
  • Here from all the options choose Labs and look for something like ‘Background send’ or you can scroll down to find ‘Background Send’ Lab.
  • All you need to do is disable this lab and you are done.

Disabling ‘Background Send’ Lab

Why Disabling ‘Background Send’ Lab Works?

Whenever you send an email to anyone, you are supposed to be on that page until the process completes and only after that you can close Gmail. But disabling Background Send lab feature allows you to close the page at any point or access other features, and the email will still be sent.

#2 Clear Cache and Cookies of the Browser

Another reason for seeing Gmail server error 007 is the cache and cookies of your browser. So you need to erase them, and the problem will be solved. Also, you should keep your browser updated to the latest version. Now, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your browser and go to the upper right corner.
  • Click those three dots and select Settings.
  • In the new page go to the upper left corner and click those three horizontal lines.
  • Here go to Advanced and click Privacy and security.
  • Select Clear browsing data and in the Time range select ‘All time.’
  • Check the boxes of cache and cookies and click Clear Data.

Clear browsing data

It’s the matter of just a few seconds and you are done erasing all the cookies and cache of your browser.


So these two reliable fixes will surely end up your trouble to fix Gmail error 007 issue. So users keep trying both of these solutions following all the steps and if you have anything else to share on the issue then do comment here.

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