Fix Windows Update Install Error 0x80070020

There Are some instance windows updates installation becomes a challenge whereby every time you try to update to the newest version you receive a message indicating that “Windows could not search for updates” that is error code 0x80070020.

The windows update error code was first witnessed in 2015 slightly after the release of Windows 10.  However, Microsoft has managed to patch the issue successfully, and it faded away until sometimes back. The message that shows up in case of this particular error indicates the following

The greatest challenges in relation to this bug s that there is no single thing that could influence its emergence. It could be due to third-party antivirus related, malware or even windows updates services more specifically BITS. To fix the 0x80070020 error, you will have to try the various methods as described below.

Method 1: Third party Antivirus Uninstallation

Windows update errors are mostly influenced by the presence of third-party antivirus a program that may in conflict with some components of windows update thus blocking updates installation or downloads. to uninstall any third-party antivirus software follow the steps below

  1. Click on the following keys to open Task Manager (Ctrl +Shift + Esc)
  2. Look for third-party Antivirus or security program and click End Task
  3. On the search bar located on top of the Task Manager window type Apps and features
    Task Manager window type Apps and features
  4. Pick antivirus program or software from the list that appears and press Uninstall
  5. Restart your computer

Method 2: Reboot BITS

Windows experts attest that 0x80070020 error code is related to BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer services) that is mandated for preparing and delivering windows updates.  Follow the steps below to restart your BITS that is if your computer system gets corrupted due to changes in the system

  1. Click Windows key + R, a search bar appears, type the following and click enter msc
  2. Look for Background Intelligent Transfer services option and right click
  3. click on Properties and select the General tab
  4. Locate Startup Type and click Automatic
  5. In case the BITS is not running right click and hit Start option
  6. Confirm the changes you have made and shutdown services window

Method 3: Reset components in Windows update

Mostly in widows 10 rebooting BITS services helps to resolve 0x80070020 error code thus fixing it. However, in case you did not manage to fix the error though restarting BITS then the recommended option is reset your computer’s windows update components. This task is quite complicated, but the guidelines provided a successful guarantee in the implementation of this method.

Method 4: Run File Checker

The system files check a default scanner that is a built-in windows OS, in order to RUN it you will need command prompt opened as Administrator

1. Press the windows key
2. Search for command prompt
3. Click the program and Run it as administrator by right clicking on it
4. A User Account Control prompt will appear, press Yes
5. Type this code upon opening command prompt sfc /scannow and press Enter

sfc scannow6. Leave the scanner to run, and it will repair all issues found automatically 

Method 5: Troubleshoot windows update

Troubleshooter is an inbuilt program in Windows OS that have the capacity to detect and fix various issues affecting your windows. To RUN it, follow the steps below

  1. On the Startup button right click and press Setting option
  2. In the search bar that appears type Troubleshoot and click Enter
  3. in the window that appears locate Windows Update and hit Run the Troubleshooter
  4. Leave the troubleshooter to run, in case an issue is found it will try to repair all of the problems detected automatically

Method 6: Scan for Malware

If all the above solution did not help fix the error than the final thing you should consider is to scan the system to check for malware. The reason for this solution is that the cause of the malfunction or the error might be due to the presence of a malicious program hiding in the system. You can consider using Reimage to verify the condition of the system

After you have verified the condition of the system and you find out that there is a malicious program, remove it using your windows security program and restart your computer. Once you are done your computer turns on try again to install the update, this time it should be able to install the updates successfully since you have already resolved Windows Update Install Error 0x80070020

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