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Fix YouTube Videos Black Screen Error [Solved]

YouTube is one of the top streaming sites that allow users to stream and download their choice of video content. YouTube is a fantastic source of listening to your favourite songs, watch trending videos, steam various regional movies, and so on. So the entertainment never dies when you are on YouTube except for that time when YouTube videos black screen occurs. Now the questions are How do you fix a black screen on Youtube? Follow the article you get the solution.

YouTube Videos Black Screen

Black screen means you are not able to watch or hear anything and the screen seems black with white noise. YouTube’s black screen may contain several reasons, and it is okay if you do not understand the causes and solutions. To ease your trouble here, I bring you some possible reasons for the black screen and the solutions that you can try yourself and let’s see if any of these works for you.

Reasons behind the Youtube Black Screen

Below mentioned reasons are some of the possible causes that may be responsible for the black screen of YouTube.

1. Poor Network Connection

This may be the possible reason if you think that everything was working perfectly a day ago and now it’s all black. Also, unstable connection keeps you from accessing YouTube videos because the page doesn’t load properly and thoroughly.

2. Javascript

Another reason that you can easily guess is the JavaScript as all the videos malfunctioning happens when JavaScript doesn’t work as supposed. So make sure if you have JavaScript running in the browser.

3. Adobe Flash Player

Well, who doesn’t know this name? Outdated Adobe Flash Player is the reason most of the times, and it keeps you accessing videos on any website if it is not the updated one. So you can check it too if you think that you updated the flash a year ago or so.

4. Cache and Cookies

If you haven’t cleared both of these terms that are cache and cookies then maybe it’s the reason. These cache files get stored in endless numbers for different websites, and so it encounters the error which looks like the black screen error. Clearing cache and cookie solve various browsers issues in just a few minutes.

5. Browser Settings

Sometimes your browser is responsible that you experience that YouTube black screen. It happens in both whether it is Firefox and Chrome where users feel this issue. Also, you feel stuck on the buffering screen, and nothing goes on. So this could be a possible reason too. But don’t worry because I have mentioned solutions too.

6. YouTube Page Itself

If everything works well and still you get the black screen, then there are fair chances that the YouTube page itself is the cause. This happens due to any malware or something like that.

7. Illegal content

If you do not know about the YouTube’s privacy, then let me tell you that YouTube doesn’t allow any illegal content. This illegal term refers to several types of content such as adult videos or anything that is unhealthy from the YouTube’s point of view.

Solutions on How to Fix YouTube Black Screen

I think you have taken a look at all the possible reasons behind the issue of black screen on YouTube. Now, it’s time to solve them all that include all these reasons with their solutions one by one. Therese solutions apply on all the browsers where I’ll tell you how to check JavaScript, Adobe flash player, clear cache, and cookies, tweak browser’s settings, etc.

As checking your internet connection whether it’s slow or not is a very easy thing so let’s start with the JavaScript.

#1 Turn JavaScript on

Well, it is recommended that before going to any settings, you should have an updated web browser and even then if the problem arises then head to check Javascript.

Here take a look at these steps and enable Javascript:

  • Open your browser such as chrome and go the URL section.
  • Here paste this command: chrome://settings/content where you put the URL and hit enter.
  • You will see a long list of content settings where as you scroll down you find an option using Javascript.
  • Just click it and make sure if it is marked as allowed and there are no blocked websites.
  • Now you can close the window and recheck the black screen if it exists.

#2 Update Adobe Flash player

Having the latest or updated version of flash player is a mandatory thing if you don’t want anything to come in the way when you stream videos. It is not just YouTube, but many sites require the updated flash player.

  • Just go the official site of Adobe Flash Player that is:
  • There you can check the latest version and download it.
  • After downloading, install it by following the instructions and restart your browser.
  • Now you can recheck the video and, if it’s about the flash player, then you will surely be able to stream it.

#3 Clear Cache and Cookies

  • Go to your browser or Chrome in this case.
  • Click on those three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Go to settings and in the new page click on the three parallel lines situated in the upper left corner.
  • From all the options, click Advanced.
  • Now go to Privacy and Security then scroll it down until you find clear browsing data section.
  • Click the section that will open a new pop-up. Select advanced and in the time range select All time.

Clear Cache and Cookies

  • Check all the fields except passwords and autofill if you want to be remembered.
  • Click Clear data and wait a few minutes until everything gets active again.

#4 Disable hardware acceleration

Sometimes your browser’s hardware acceleration settings cause the entire issue and disable it can get you rid of it.

  • Open your browser and go to settings.
  • For chrome: click on three dots designed in the upper right corner and then select settings.
  • In the next page click those three parallel lines on the left corner and click on Advanced.

Show advanced settings

  • Go to System section and click it.
  • Now in the window, you see an option saying Use hardware acceleration when available. Just uncheck it or turn it off.

Use hardware acceleration when available

  • You are done, just restart the browser and recheck the video’s status.

#5 Sign In Again On the YouTube Page

Sometimes the error occurs because you are logged in for a long time, and YouTube doesn’t get it. So you can first sign out yourself and a few minutes later, sign in again on YouTube.

There are some videos that non-registered users can’t view and if you think this is your case then sign-in again and get rid of it.

#6 Avoid Illegal Content on YouTube

You can read out YouTube’s terms and conditions section and go to the area where YouTube defines what type of content is not allowed. If you are trying to stream any of them, then it may be the reason behind the black screen too. So there is no possible solution for that, and it is better if you search that same video anywhere else.


YouTube black screen error can just happen anytime to anyone. But there is no use to panic and instead of it, understand the reasons and their solutions which this article features very well.

So you guys can read the entire post and match your situation to get the solution accordingly for YouTube black screen error. If you can think any more pollution then freely share them here.

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