12 Best Free Music Downloader Apps for Android & iPhone

DO you love to listen to music while you are free or doing any work? Then you are at right place as today we are going to share best android & iPhone apps to download Mp3 music easily. To download free music from free mp3 download sites has become difficult due to lots of advertisements on these sites. So to make music downloading hustle free we have listed some best free music downloader apps for android.

These music apps have a huge database of songs and you will be able to download it to your device in order to listen to it whenever you want. However, there are specific music apps that are free of charge, all the time. It doesn’t matter if you want to listen to a special song or DJ mix from your favorite genre, these apps are important and essential and they all function on iPhone. We present you 12 best free music download apps for android & iPhone:

Free Music Downloader Apps for Android

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Free Music Downloader Apps for Android to Download Music

We have mentioned all the apps which provide free music download for android device. These apps are listed on basis of users rating & their features.

1. 8tracks Radio

These particular free music apps for android without Wi-Fi have huge database with more than two million handcrafted playlists in almost every genre possible and for every mood. The app will also provide you small info about music that you want to listen, and the idea is to find the music that would be specially made for you with all effects and possibilities. There are two versions of this app, one is free of charge and there is a premium version without ads and gives you the possibility of unlimited listening without any interruption between playlists.

Download 8tracks Radio App

2. SoundCloud

We all know about SoundCloud and its features; it is considered one of the most used and most popular applications for free music streaming. This particular app has numerous possibilities and it is a great platform to follow other artists, DJs, and musician that upload their own new songs so that you could be always at the moment. Even though you won’t have a possibility to upload songs by yourself, you can access all the mp3 music that you want and it also contains social network possibilities because you will be able to follow these artists and to communicate with them.

Download SoundCloud App

3. Spinrilla

This particular app is one of the youngest apps for free music for android and it is great because it will provide you the latest mixtapes from numerous Hip-Hop artists all over the world. It contains trending songs and also new releases, you will be able to comment on music and also download it for the offline playlist. If you want to remove annoying ads you should buy pro membership.

Download Spinrill App

4. Google Play Music

With this amazing app, you will get great music streaming service that will provide you with every possible way to your own music download through your Google account, and you can listen to it just with the Internet without any subscription and download music straight to iPhone. It also provides you with radio services that are based on genre, activity, and mood. It gives you the possibility to deliver unlimited streaming but you have to be a member or to purchase paid version in order to achieve that.

Download Google Play Music App

5. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is considered as one of the most popular and best free music downloader apps for android. It is also one of the most downloaded apps from AppStore because it is very simple, with great design and it functions amazingly. This particular app is different than other radio apps with many radio stations, it also provides the ability to customize and compile your own playlists so that you could listen to them in offline mode, too. It is very easy to navigate and you can find songs that you like in a matter of seconds. There is no limit in listening music online, but if you want to remove song skips and ads, it is better to choose membership only for $4.99.

Download Pandora Music App

6. Red Bull Radio

Even though it is very unusual to see Beverage Company that made its own music streaming website, you will be able to find many different radios and music from all over the world. You can find also sports radios that promote new global sports endorsed by Red Bull and many more features that are available when you install it.

Download Red Bull App

7. Slacker Radio

This is an app that gives you the possibility to listen to numerous radio stations on every genre that you can think of. You can also create your own stations that are based on songs and artists and you will be able to arrange these stations by searching criteria and your own criteria if you have it. You can also find numerous songs on demand if you are keen to hear something that you haven’t for a long time. You can also subscribe and have the possibility to listen to music without Wi-Fi or data.

Download Slacker Radio App

8. Uforia Musica

If you are a huge fan of Latin music the best app that will provide you latest scores and music pieces is Uforia. You can access to more than 70 Latin radios and you will have more songs that you can possibly imagine. You can also save your favorite stations and access them later, whenever you want. It contains car mode, and it is very simple to use.

Download Uforia App

9. YouTube Music

Even though, most of the people think that YouTube is just a video site, it is also a great place for listening numerous playlists and songs. You can just choose the song that you like and make a playlist for your favorite artists and songs. There are also numerous stations that will give you the possibility to enjoy in every particular genre available. If you subscribe yourself, you will lose all ads and have a better experience of listening. You can even download Youtube music as Mp3. 

Download Youtube Music App

10. TuneIn Radio

With TuneIn Radio you will be able to listen to more than 100 thousand radio stations, not just for any genre available, but you can also find talk, comedy, sports and much more topics on it. You have also the possibility to download particular radio programs in order to listen to it in offline mode. If you subscribe, you will get coverage of every NBA, MLB and NGL game plus more than 60 thousand audiobooks without any ads and commercials. This is a Radio Music Station. You can only listen to mp3 music here. 

Download TuneIn Radio App

11. iHeartRadio

This great application is popular because it will provide you with thousands of live stream online radio stations all over the world and the country, it doesn’t matter if you are into traditional, world music or modern person with love of electronics, you will find free & Legal music download for iPhone with just a few clicks. You can also find news, sports and different comedy stations that are different than music stations; however, you will be able to make your own station by emerging artists and songs.

Download iHeartRadio App

12. Apple Music

This particular app started as Apple answer to Pandora: the idea is to stream radio music services that are filled with different playlists based on artists, genre or songs. There are numerous features and the most important one is that you have the possibility to create your own playlist with any song from the library. There are also international radios with every kind of genre and you will be able to follow latest songs, artists, and genres.

Download Apple Music App


There is numerous best free music downloader apps for android, however, you should choose wisely because some of them are not free as you wanted. However, if you want to pay a small amount up to $5, you will be able to stream without limitation and what is most important without annoying ads that will interfere after every song.

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