Guide to Install SNES (HD) and ROMs for Jailbroken iPad

Earlier we told you about SNES HD for iPad [Check Here] coming soon on Cydia. Now therefore we have good news! The application is available in Cydia on the developer repo, SNES HD will be released soon on MMI repo also. If you are desperate enough following are the instructions to install and use SNES HD on your iPad. To play with SNES (HD), you’ll need a jailbroken iPad and at least one jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch.

SNES (HD) features

  • iPhone controller app for remote control
  • Multiplayer up to four controllers can connect at once
  • iPhone volume keys remapped to L / R buttons
  • Full screen graphics both landscape orientations supported
  • Save state preview snapshots
  • iPad optimized interface with virtual console

SNES iPad thumb1 Guide to Install SNES (HD) and ROMs for Jailbroken iPad

Instructions to install SNES (HD)

Step 1: The iPad and your iPhone should be jailbroken, follow our 2 minute  Spirit Jailbreak Guide.

Step 2: Open Cydia and add the following source both iPad and the iPhone http://wherethewoozlewasnt.com/

Cydia (the SNES (HD) will be released soon through Modmyi repo).

Step 3: When you add the repo, locate and install the SNES (HD) and the iPad ControlPad the iPhone (if you do not see the icon for the SNES (HD) to make an iPad Respring).

Step 4: Connect through SSH and add the necessary Super Nintendo ROMs in the iPad. The path is: / var / mobile / Media / ROMs / SNES. Follow our guide on How to access iPad file system via SSH

Step 5: Turn on bluetooth on both iPhone and iPad and play SNES (HD) on the iPad while using iPhone as ControlPad.

Step 6: The iPad and the iPhone will look for each other and you will see a pop-up message Tap to Connect. Click the pop-up and the iPad will receive a confirmation message Accept / Deny. Select the accept.

Step 7: Select the ROM you want from the list of available ROMs and enjoy the game screen iPad :-)

All credits goes to Where the Woozle Wasn’t blog, if you like the hard work of developer consider a little donation to appreciate his hard work.

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