HID Compliant Touch Driver is Missing or No Longer available in Device Manager

The full form of HID is the Human Interface Device. But in the PC, the HIDconsider as USB-HID. This is generally acted as a human I/O device like USB-HID Touchpad, USB Pen etc. Windows 10 is boosted to operate with touchscreen devices still it appears that some of the users have issues with Windows 10 touchscreen monitors.

Since HID is an input or output device, therefore while the user plugs an HID device to the computer of Windows 10, at that time the low right corner will pop up a message like “HID-Compliant device has been recognized“. If the user does not get such type of message, then it means, the device never noticed or not functioning on Windows 10. If the HID- complaint touchscreen monitor isn’t working the user must have to check few of these following solutions to troubleshoot the issues.

HID-Compliant Touch Screen Driver Doesn’t Work

i) Make Disable and re-enable the HID-compliant touch screen

This is a simple direct solving technique and it also works for different touchscreen devices so it must support you with your Windows 10 touchscreen monitor.

  • Go to Start menu and in the search bar type Device Manager.
  • After Device Manager Page opens, then go to the Human Interface Devices section and then expand it.
  • Under HID portion detect HID-compliant touch screen.


  • Right-click HID-compliant touch screen and select Disable. The user might get a message like” if you’re sure that you wish to disable it”, thus click Yes.

Enable HID-compliant touch screen in Device Manager

  • After that right click on HID-compliant touch screen once more and choose to enable.
  • At the end make sure that the touchscreen device working properly or not.

ii) Run and Fix HID-Compliant Touch Screen In Windows 10

Windows 10 also have the features a built-in troubleshooter that user can be used to fix general technical issues. For the touchscreen issues, troubleshooting is the first preference to resolve the primary device’s error and the best solution is to run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter. It is not very difficult to handle and observe & resolve the issue fast.

  • Go to Start Bar> Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > launch the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter.

  • Thereafter, the trouble-shooter system tool will begin to scan the hardware problems as well as touch screen removed issues. Once the trouble-shooter finished the scanning process, restart your computer and make sure if the issue persists or not.

Hope this solution must be resolved the issues and affix it automatically.

iii) Update With Latest HID-Compliant Touch Screen Driver

To install the lost driver used for HID-Compliant touch screen would able to resolve the issue. Below are two techniques which user can use to solve the problem:

1) Use the Manual method
2) Use the Automatic method.

1. Manual Method: As the touchscreen is operated on the laptop, that’s why it is very easy to install the driver.
Go to the laptop manufacturers’ download center for downloading the appropriate driver manually and install the driver gradually.

2. Automatic Method: If the user cannot able to find it through manual way, they can for the simpler method. Here the user can operate Driver Doctor to assist you.

The function of Driver Doctor is to scan the entire hardware devices and its drivers after that user must be kept in mind that to count how many drivers are removed, how many drivers are out-of-date and how many drivers are updated.

iv) Disconnect all other Devices

If the user still not able to locate the Touchscreen driver, progress the troubleshooting action with another solution.

It is probably due to the connection of other devices to Windows PC. In order to resolve these issues, the user must have to disconnect all devices connected with it and then restart the computer that helps them to resolve the issue.

v) Check the latest Windows updates

The best process to resolve this issue by frequent checking of Windows update. The user must make sure that they are running the latest Windows OS updates on the computer. As Windows update must be upgraded entire drivers as well as touchscreen drivers and its associated drivers such as chipset driver. With frequent updating, it improves the system’s durability and solves various issues.

(1) In order to access the update section in Windows, the user can simply type “Windows update” in the search bar. After that go to Windows Update, check for updates and install the available updates.

(2) In Windows update, Check for updates label box is there, Click on it.

(3) After that, the Windows system would automatically download and install entire updates of course as well as update the HID-Compliant touchscreen driver.

vi) Regulate System Registry

If the system Registry keys got corrupted, the user might experience several technical problems as well as touchscreen problems.

The easiest technique to fix the registry is to use dedicated equipment, like CCleaner. To check for the system file corruption Windows 10 users can also use Microsoft’s System File Checker.

Note: It is recommended that user must not forget to take the backup of Registry before using any tools. If in case something goes incorrect, the user will be able to restore a functioning version of the OS.

1) Go to Start bar > Typecmd> right-click Command Prompt >select Run as Administrator

2) After that type the sfc /scannow command

3) Wait till the scanning process has not completed and after that restart your PC. Entire corrupted files must be replaced on reboot.

vii) Rollback drivers

Once the user installs the update the OS by Windows Update, It also noticed that the system similarly installs the updated drivers. Though, occasionally the latest drivers aren’t fully adaptable with computer’s system configuration which can lead to various troubles. Under these circumstances, rolling back to default drivers might resolve the issue.

Roll Back hid-compliant touch screen Driver

In order to Rollback drives the user should have to launch the Device Manager by right click on the HID-compliant touch screen, then go to Properties tab. Navigate to the Driver tab and click on ‘Roll Back Driver’.

Final Words:

We hope till now you problem will be fixed. If it is still there let us know in the comments section and we will try to solve your problem personally.

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