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How to Fix IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Driver Issues on Windows 10 (0x8007001f)

Windows 10 is full of features and so it is worth running the operating system on your Windows devices. Another trending error is the audio error 0x8007001f that Windows 10 users have been experiencing for weeks. When you encounter this error, when it is clear that you can’t hear any sound from that speaker, no matter how hard you try and tweak the settings. The problem starts occurring especially when you upgrade your OS to windows 10 because of some issue with functionality and mismatch of drivers.

Today’s article will explain you solutions on IDT High definition audio codec not working on Windows 10. These are easy methods that have step by step work so you can follow them and get it done. After trying out these methods, there is fair chance that your system will be able to produce sound once again and everything will be back to normal.

Fix IDT High Definition Audio Error on Windows 10

#1 Start With Updating Audio Drivers

It is not just about the audio drivers, but if any hardware is not working or malfunctioning, then you should first try updating the drivers. Using these steps, the method comes very easy:

  • You are supposed to open Device Manager. First, you can do it by pressing by pressing windows key and X and choose Device Manager.
  • The new window will open and there you search for Sounds
  • Once you find it, expand this section that will show Sound, video and game controllers
  • Here you can also see your sound drivers named as IDT High Definition Audio CODEC, just right click it and choose Update drivers

Updating Audio Drivers

  • It will automatically update the drivers or if you already have the drivers on your computer then choose location and windows will take the drivers from there.

Browse my computer for driver software

pickup a list of device drivers


High Definition Audio Device

  • In a few minutes, the drivers get updated and you can access the sound again, after all, you have performed fixing IDT High Definition Audio Error on Windows 10.

#2 Reinstalling Audio Drivers

This step is going to straightforward where you just need to access the device manager and there do some clicks to install hp drivers. Follow these steps if you are confused:

  • First, go to your desktop and click My Computer
  • An easy way to do this, press windows key and R and paste this text: devmgmt.msc and hit Enter
  • It will take you to the Device Manager straight, look for Sound and expand it
  • Here you will be able to see your audio driver such as IDT High Definition Audio CODEC.
  • Right-click it and choose Uninstall
  • Wait a few seconds and when it is done, give your device a restart
  • After your PC is restarted, the audio drivers will be automatically installed that you can check by playing an audio file.

#3 Do Some Experiment With Services.Msc

If you have already tried the previous methods and still no solution then access services list using services.msc. For this, here are the steps:

  • Press window key and R and paste this text: services.msc
  • Now you will be brought to the Services page where you can see a long list of service running on your computer
  • Have a look at these different services; your motive is to get them started and running:

–Windows Audio
Multimedia Class Scheduler
— Windows Audio Endpoint Builder.

Audio Not Working After Upgrading To Windows 10

  • Once you find the services, right click and select Properties
  • Next, click General tab and there you see an option Start
  • Click this option and the service starts running
  • Now you can restart your PC and check the sound again.

#4 Install the Driver in Compatibility Mode

Sometimes installing the driver file in compatibility mode can fix this issue. So here we are going to do the same, just stick with the instructions:

  • Go to the manufacturer’s website like this and download the driver’s setup from there.
  • Once it is downloaded, right-click the setup an go to Properties
  • Here, you should see the Compatibility tab, click it and there you need to check the box saying ‘Run this program in compatibility mode.’

Run this program in compatibility mode

  • Here it will also ask you for the version of Windows so just select any older OS like 7 or 8 and click OK.
  • Now you can install the driver setup as usual by double-clicking it and follow the wizard.
  • Once it is done, reboot your system and the changes made will be there.

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