[Solved] IGFXSRVC.EXE Intel Graphic Accelerator Error

Windows 10 is very prone to errors; there can be any error at any time. The latest trouble that users have been facing is the IGFXSRVC.EXE error. This is an error related to the Intel Graphic Accelerator and the graphics card. But nothing to worry about when we have some effective methods to solve this issue permanently.

What Causes The Igfxsrvc.Exe Error?

As I said this error is related to Intel’s graphics card and igfxsrvc.exe means the user interface that starts with your operating system and installed with the graphics chipsets. If the file igfxsrvc.exe is corrupted or missing, then this makes the error to happen. Now, let’s focus on the solutions that we got here in order to fix this.

How to Fix Igfxsrvc.Exe Error

#1 Run a Malware Scan

You should always try with the easiest method and in this case running a malware scan would be the easiest. It will take a few minutes and show you the entire status of your system files. At last, you can decide whether to repair or remove the infected files permanently.

You can try any antivirus for its purpose like Avast and Quick Heal come as the best ones. Just open the user interface of your antivirus and their look for scan settings. You can scan the entire PC that means every drive and it will be really beneficial regarding this error.

#2 Run System File Checker Scan

The second easiest and quickest method is to perform the SFC scan. Users who did not get the solution after trying the first one can head to this one. This scan will check for every single system’s file and repair them. So, this one is a must-try method in this case. Let’s follow the steps to do it easily:

  • Open up Command Prompt, press Windows key and X and choose the program
  • It will be on your screen as a black window, here you need to type: sfc /scannow and hit the Enter key

sfc scannow

  • Now the scan will begin and it will scan all the files and fix them
  • Wait until it gets completely verified and you get the report
  • Once it shows you the report for the files, you are done.

#3 Updating the Graphics Card Drivers

Lastly, we will head to this method that is about updating the graphics card drivers. I have already mentioned this method in various posts, but still, you can go with the steps here:

  • You need to open that Device Manager, there are two ways either press windows key and X and choose Device Manager or go to My Computer and right-click to choose Manage and it will open up Device Manager
  • Now go to the left panel of the window and expand Device Manager and there you see all the drivers installed
  • Go to your Graphics card and expand it
  • Click on the name of your graphics card and right click it to choose Update

Updating the Graphics Card Drivers

  • Once you click Update drivers, a wizard will appear on the screen, just follow it and get the drivers updated in no matter of time

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