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Fix ‘Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage’ Windows 10/8/7

It is a world where internet browsers like Chrome and Firefox are in the devices of every technology lover. But there are still users of internet explorers who use the browser due to many concerns such as their privacy, personal info, financial info, etc. explorer is always the most reliable and secure internet browser, but it is not the one that is free of error. These solutions work on Internet Explorer 10, Windows Internet Explorer 9.

Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage

Like any other browser, explorer too encounters several errors and solving them does not come that easy. One of those errors is ‘Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.’ it occurs whenever you try to access any webpage and it takes you to this message instead of the actual website’s content.

There is not any particular reason for the error, but surely there are some solutions that can troubleshoot the issue. In order to fix internet explorer cannot display the webpage error, let’s know about these solutions and apply them one by one.

How to fix “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” error?

If you’re successfully connected to the Internet but cannot view any webpages in Internet Explorer, use one of the following troubleshooting procedures, as appropriate for your operating system.

#1 Go And Reset The Browser

The first step can be resetting the browser as it is the easiest and fastest one. If it solves the issue, then you are lucky to not try any other methods. So let’s pay attention to the steps:

  • First access the run box that appears when pressing window key and R
  • Here you need to type ‘inetcpl.cpl’ you can copy and paste this text and hit enter
  • In the new window look out for a tab Advanced
  • Now you can see the option saying Reset, you will also notice a box ‘Delete Personal Settings’ just check it and click the Reset button

Reset The Browser internet explorer

  • Now you are done resetting your browser. Now you can re-open it and check if you can access the webpage.

#2 Check The Proxy Settings

Sometimes your proxy does not allow you to visit any particular page or website. So in this method, you need to check your proxy settings and verify if this is not the website that is blocked or in the Exception field.

  • Firstly, close the Internet Explorer completely
  • Get the run dialog box pressing windows key and R
  • Now type inetcpl.cpl and press that Enter button
  • In the new window look for the Connections tab and click it
  • Now you are there, go to the LAN settings and look for an option saying ‘Automatically detect settings’

Internet Explorer ‘Automatically detect settings

  • Check this box and uncheck two other boxes
  • To save the settings click OK and Apply and close all the windows, now you can check the error status again.

#3 Verify IP Address

The incorrect status of an IP address can lead to inaccessible web pages for every website. It is really important that you check all the IP address settings and make sure there is nothing problematic there. These simple steps will enlighten the process:

  • Get that run dialog box again
  • Type or paste this text: ncpa.cpl and hit enter
  • Now your internet settings will be on the screen so you can see your Local Area Connection if it is a cable connection
  • For Wi-Fi users, there will be a wireless network
  • Just right click your connection and go to Properties
  • It will open up all the protocols so go to TCP/IPv4 and then access its properties
  • In the General tab check the box that says ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically.’
  • At last click OK that will save the settings and you can close all the windows.

Internet Explorer ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’

  • Try accessing some websites again and see if it works. Don’t worry if this doesn’t work you can check the next solution.

#4 Check Your Modem And Reset It

This is a very simple step where you just need to reset your modem and that’s it. Sometimes routers get a glitch and that means they stop sending and receiving internet packets and resetting them start the process again.

Modem And Reset It

  • So if you have a modem or router, go to the power switch and take off all the wires
  • Now wait for a few seconds or a minute and plug them in

In no time you can see the internet starts working perfectly and that glitch is gone

#5 Access The TCP/IP Stack

In this one, we will reset Windows socket that handles all these requests by browsers and if there is a problem with it or it is stuck, then you may experience this error. Again, the steps are very simple, just follow them carefully:

  • First, you need to bring up the command prompt so either get the windows search bar and type cmd or press windows key and X and select Command Prompt
  • A black window will appear on the desktop where you need to hit some commands that are mentioned below. Remember to press Enter after putting each command:

ipconfig /flushdns
nbtstat -R
nbtstat -RR
netsh int reset all
netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock reset

  • This will reset the TCP/IP stack and finally, you can restart your PC and try accessing the internet again.

#6 Lastly, Disable Enhanced Protected Mode

This will work better in Windows 8

With the new windows, several features were added to the browsers and one of them is the Enhanced Protected mode. This mode protects the device from any harmful content and thus this increased security may create the issue. So we need to disable it and for that, you go with these tiny steps:

  • Here we will make use of the Run box so press windows key and R
  • Once it is on the screen copy this content ‘inetcpl.cpl’ paste it in that box and press Enter
  • Now in the window go to Advanced Tab and there you try to locate the option Enable Enhanced Protected Mode

Internet Explorer Disable Enhanced Protected Mode

  • You need to disable this option by unchecking the box and click OK or Apply
  • The changes will be saved now and you can restart the PC or any device you are using and this way you fix internet explorer cannot display the webpage error.

Let us know in comments, is your problem resolved. 

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