Top 5 Netflix Alternatives sites: Similar Services Like Netflix

Online video streaming offers viewers the widest selection of high-quality movies available safely and legally. The biggest player in the online streaming game is Netflix and for good reason–they were a pioneer in the market and provide an extensive catalog of movies, TV shows and more. They’re not the ‘only game in town’, however, nor do they have every movie that you might want to watch. If Netflix isn’t serving your needs for whatever reason you need to check out one of these five websites:

Top Netflix Alternatives for Online Movie Streaming:

Netflix Alternatives

Our top three Netflix alternatives are names that are well known to every Internet user. They all made their bones in a different market category but have expanded to include streaming and download movies as part of their product mix. All three of these sites are excellent, but you might prefer one over the rest due to your computer or mobile device platform or the selection available in a specific genre.


The site that was a ‘game changer’ in the online distribution of music also offers a big catalog of video content. They have good relationships with most of the major production companies that allow them to offer a selection that rivals Netflix including new releases. iTunes has seamless integration with Mac computers as well as iPad and iPhone iOS software. Even if you’re not using Apple products, there’s an iTunes version for the PC as well.


Google Play is the search giant’s answer to iTunes with integration for their Android mobile operating system. In addition to a wide selection of streaming and downloadable video content, Google Play has Android games and applications, music and e-books. You’ll find most of the same content here that you will on iTunes though each has some things the other doesn’t.


Amazon became a powerhouse with their disruption of retailing, but they also have a ton of downloadable and streaming audio and video content. The Amazon Prime service costs $99 a year (the free shipping alone more than makes it worthwhile) and includes free streaming of over 40,000 different video titles. Even more films, TV shows, and music videos are available for rental or purchase with immediate streaming access available. Amazon doesn’t have the ‘original productions’ that Netflix offers but in terms of the sheer amount of content available they’re nipping at the heels of the streaming video leader.


Hulu Plus is the ‘go to’ website for streaming of current TV shows but in addition to a wide assortment of older television programs they have a decent selection of streaming videos. They offer an assortment of films from every genre and while their selection of titles isn’t anywhere near what Netflix has as they do rotate their catalog monthly. Probably not your ‘first choice’ for free movie streaming sites but if you already have a subscription there’s a good chance you can find something worth watching when you’re in the mood for a movie.


As the name suggests, IndiePix specializes in independently produced films. If you’re a fan of more obscure and artistic movies, IndiePix might become your first choice for online streaming. IndiePix came online in 2004 and now has the world’s largest streaming collection of independent films anywhere in the world. They specialize in foreign films, art house films, documentaries and classics from great directors like Kurosawa and Antonioni. If your tastes are more ‘mainstream’ one of the other sites might be more to your liking but if you like your films to be intellectually challenging as well as entertaining you’re in the right place.

List of 20 Alternatives to Netflix

NameFree/PaidPlatforms Available
Butter ProjectFreeMac Windows Linux Android
StremioFree PersonalMac Windows Linux Android iPhone
HuluPaidWindows Web Android iPhone Apple TV Roku
DuckieTVFreeMac Windows Linux Web Android Chrome OS
Amazon VideoCommercialWindows Web Android iPhone Android
CrunchyrollFreemiumWeb Android iPhone
Google Play Movies & TVCommercialWeb Android iPhone Chrome OS
TorrenTVFreeMac Windows Linux
HBO NOWPaidAndroid iPhone Apple TV Daydream Xbox
Terrarium TVFreeAndroid Kindle Fire, Fire TV Chromecast
ZattooFreemiumMac Windows Android iPhone Windows Phone
HBO GOFree with adsiPhone iPad
Fan.tvFreeWeb Android iPhone
WaifuFreeMac Windows Linux node-webkit
PopcornflixFreemiumAndroid iPhone Blackberry Windows Phone Kindle Fire
Sling TVPaidMac Windows Web Android tvOS
SnagFilmsFree with adsWeb


The five Netflix alternatives in this article made the list because of the variety and technical quality they offer viewers. They’re also safe and legal meaning that you can enjoy movies without worrying about civil lawsuits, malware, viruses or falling victim to hacking or phishing scams.

Unfortunately, many ‘free movie streaming’ websites are more interested in taking advantage of visitors than anything else. When you visit a site like this, they’re likely hosted in an Eastern European country that essentially gives them free reign to do whatever they want to your computer. If you’re lucky, you’ll just get a virus or adware on your computer.

Worst case scenario–a keylogger or trojan horse can ‘hijack’ your computer to send spam emails as part of a ‘botnet’ or even steal your personal information for sale on the black market. Better to be safe and watch videos at one of the sites we recommend for safety, selection, and performance.

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