6 Sites to Watch Free Full Length Movies online – No Download

The days of trekking to the corner video store hoping that they’ll have something good in stock are history. Now you can pick from a virtually unlimited selection of movies to watch streaming online. You never have to worry about a digital movie being ‘checked out’ or finding the video store closed. You can watch what you want where you want any time of the day or night.

Never before has there been such a wide variety of movies available online. From Hollywood Blockbusters to serious documentaries you can find anything you want to watch and start streaming it immediately. You’ll have no problem tracking down something good to watch. Your real problem will be trying to decide between the many excellent films streaming online.

Watch Free Full Length Movies online – No Download

Watch Free Full-Length Movies Online – No Download



There’s plenty of good places online to find streaming movies. There’s also some bad places that you need to avoid. You need to watch out for sketchy websites hosted in Eastern European countries that promise free streaming of recently released blockbusters.

You may or may not find the stream you’re looking for but there’s a strong probability that you’ll get an overwhelming amount of ads for every scam imaginable. Even worse, there’s a serious risk of exposure to malware like viruses, trojans, and keyloggers. These can seriously mess up your operating system or even worse, expose your personal information to criminals who’ll sell it on the black market.

Long story short–you need to find the right places to watch streaming movies online. Here are six free movie websites that you can trust:


Fortunately, there’s plenty of safe, legal and high-quality sites available online. And none of them has a bigger selection and better video quality than Netflix. Netflix seamlessly transitioned from renting CDs through the mail to revolutionizing streaming video. The $9.95 you’ll pay for a monthly subscription to Netflix is a steal–you’ll be able to watch thousands of movies, TV shows and even originally produced series. If you want to try it for free simply subscribe to a free trial.

Netflix will get new films streaming before any other service and offers a great interface for viewing on any type of connected device imaginable. You can set up different accounts for each family member to keep track of what they watch at no additional charge. Simply put, Netflix is the undisputed champion of online movie streaming.

Right on the heels of Netflix is a very familiar name– The site that changed the retail world also has a very extensive selection of video streaming. Amazon Prime members can access over 40,000 movies free of charge (the free two-day shipping alone makes it worth $99 a year). Even more, movies are available for rent or purchase. Amazon has most of the big releases and a much deeper catalogue than Netflix. If you’re looking for an obscure film in a minor genre, you’ve got a great chance at finding it on


Apple’s iTunes is a music distribution platform first and foremost, but they’re starting to make a big splash in the digital video world. You’ll be able to stream or download from an extensive catalogue of movies, TV shows, and music videos. Works seamlessly with iPhone and iPad but is also compatible with other PC and mobile platforms. And don’t think Google is sleeping on this either–the Google Play store is the iTunes equivalent for the Android operating system. The Play Store offers Android apps, books, music as well as a sizable selection of streaming and downloadable movies.

We’ll end our ‘top six’ list with Hulu Plus and Vudu. Hulu Plus is the ‘go to’ website for streaming of recent TV episodes but also has a wide selection of streaming films. It’s not anywhere near as extensive as Netflix, but titles are available in every imaginable genre and change monthly. Vudu is a similar service, though with a heavier presence of films as opposed to TV episodes. Both Hulu Plus and Vudu are available on a variety of platforms offering very high-quality video streaming.

We’ve kept our list at six, but there are more safe and legal movie streaming options coming online every month. If you can’t find a film you’re looking for at one of our recommended sources a Google search will yield plenty of other streaming movie options.

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