SNES HD for iPad Coming Soon in Cydia Store

The SNES iPad comes in a new version (HD) offers many new features! The developer Yusef Napora (aka: Woozle Wrangler) got the SNES emulator of ZodTTD and took a few steps further, creating the SNES HD optimized for iPad. The SNES (HD) operates in full screen operator full screen iPad. SNES for iPad is also able to control the emulator from the iPhone / iPod Touch (by 4 users via bluetooth). The SNES HD for iPad will soon be available through Cydia (ModMyi repo).


Watch the video of the SNES HD for iPad (Super Mario World.

In order to use SNES (HD) you’ll need to put some Super Nintendo ROM files in /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/SNES using your favorite file-transfer method.Once you’ve got some games in there, start up SNES (HD) on the iPad and ControlPad on the iPhone, making sure that Bluetooth is enabled on both machines. They should start looking for each other right away, and in a minute the ControlPad will pop up a little “Tap to Connect” view. Tap on the entry for your iPad, and in a second the iPad will display an “Accept/Deny” screen. Hit accept and you’ll be connected. Then just select a ROM from the list on the left (if you’re in portrait mode, the list is accessible by tapping the “ROMs” button).

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