Steve Jobs First Picture After Resignation

TMZ DOT COM published a photo of Steve Jobs after his resignation from Apple, we are still doubtful about the legitimacy of picture but source is very credible. Steve Jobs is looking very ill and lean, apparently he is unable to stand on his own.

We removed the picture due to some legal issues, please check updates for more details

We’ll update this page as story grow, mean while share your thoughts in comments section below.

Update 1 : Bottom of the photo cites Bruja/ A search for “steve jobs” there finds nothing.

Update 2 : One of our commentator calzone pointed out, Quality of photo on the right is impossible to achieve as an enlargement of the photo on the left. Ergo, the photo on the right would have to represent the actual resolution and quality of the original photo. But if that is the case, then why is the photo on the left so crappy? Scaling a photo of the quality shown on the right down to the size of the photo on the left would reveal much better detail, especially in the clothes.

The conclusion therefore is that both of the two photos are both purposefully reduced in quality so as to avoid giving away photoshopping artifacts.

Update 3: We just found the following infographic, clearly proves that this pic was a hoax from TMZ.

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