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How to Fix Netflix App from Auto-Playing Trailers and Previews on Windows 10

Auto-play trailers and episodes feature in Netflix are disgusting if not more of a nuisance help.  Typically, the auto-play feature in Netflix was developed or rather designed with a specific goal of saving viewers time while browsing through the provision of additional information about a particular episode, especially on behavioral preferences basis. In addition, the feature was intended to make the viewer spend more time on Netflix.  Through this, the viewer could make choices at ease and quickly, spend more of their time watching and less while browsing or scrolling.

Notably, besides the features advantages on the viewers, it has turned out to be one of the irritant features in the streaming experience. As a result, this article provides systematic guidelines on how you can turn stop or turn off the Netflix application particularly in windows 10 from post-playing or auto-playing previews and trailers automatically.

Guidelines on how to stop Netflix app from Auto-playing previews and Trailers

Primarily, the auto-play feature officially known by the name “post-play” relates to a feature that provides previews of upcoming episodes while the current one is wrapping up. The feature runs a brief or short countdown before it automatically starts to play the next episode.  When you watch a number of episodes in a row, typically the next episode plays upon completion of the opening scene or the previous one. This feature plays episodes in sequence manner, and its default enabled.

To disable, stop or turn off the auto-play post-play feature on Netflix follow the steps illustrated below

  1. Click Netflix sign in button
  2. Check on the drop-down arrow  adjacent to your icon and click it
  3. List of options appears, select  Account option

Fix Netflix App from Auto-Playing Trailers and Previews on Windows 10

–> Under my profile section, scroll down to locate “Playback setting,” there you need to simply uncheck the checkbox marked against “play next episode automatically.

Fix Netflix App from Auto-Playing Trailers and Previews on Windows 10

Once you have completed all the above steps makes sure to save your changed settings.

In case you run a multiple profiles Netflix account, the above steps, i.e. the playback settings will only change your profile.  To ensure that the same changes are made on the other profiles as well, repeat the above steps for every single profile to integrate the changes in all profiles.

By systematically following the above steps for other profiles, the auto-play feature will be disabled. Other post-play feature will still be enabled since the feature is mainly available on most popular devices, inclusive of Windows computer, most smart TVs, set-top boxes and Blu-ray players.

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