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How to Stop Auto Refresh of Webpage in Chrome & Firefox

Prior, the web pages that were created were all static, because of which whenever the site has loaded the content on that page used to remain same for all the visitor on those sites. But today with the advancement in the technology the static pages are replaced by dynamic pages and static pages are not used anymore. The advantage of the dynamic page is that these websites create a unique content each time the page is loaded by the users and it also generates a different and unique content for every new user.

This auto-refresh feature is quite helpful as it auto reloads the web page and helps in transmission of live news report, auction, election results and other live sports like cricket, football, basketball etc.

Stopping Webpage from automatically refreshing

No matter how helpful this feature is but sometimes it gets really annoying when you’re in the middle of reading something or watching a video but the page gets reloading every second making it hard for the users to do what they were doing. But if you ever find this feature annoying and not necessary that this feature can be disabled and the automatic refreshing of the web page will stop.

This article will take you through the steps which you can use to disable this automatic refreshing feature in the widely used browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

Disabling the Auto Refresh in Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, there is no direct method to disable the auto refresh feature, but you can download a third party extension for disabling this feature in Google Chrome and the auto refresh will stop. To do this, follow the following steps;

1. In the Url bar, type chrome://extensions and the extensions page will open.

stop auto refresh chrome tab

2. On the left side, in navigation panel click on, Open Chrome Webstore.

stop auto refresh chrome tab

3. Download and install the Auto Refresh Blocker here.

After the result are displayed, Click on Add to chrome next to the first result.

5. After this click Add on the confirmation screen.

Disabling the Auto Refresh in Firefox

Similar to the Google Chrome, auto refresh feature can also be disabled in Mozilla Firefox, for doing this go through the following steps;

1. In the URL bar, type about:config and press Enter

2. When the page opens, in the search bar type the following preference name accessibility.blockautorefresh.

3. Now right click on the preference name accessibility.blockautorefresh and then choose the Toggle option from the dropdown menu.

4. Now change the value from False to True and the auto refresh will be disabled.

Disabling the Auto Refresh in the Microsoft Edge

The one who wants to disable this auto refresh in the Microsoft Edge are the unlucky ones. Microsoft edge does not provide any extension or a built-in function to disable the Auto Refresh in the app. Nor there is any type of third party extension that helps in this yet.

There can be a possibility that there can be an extension which will help in disabling the auto refresh in the Microsoft edge. Microsoft is also not keen to attract the developers to create an application or extension for this browser, let alone be an app for this significant task.

Disabling the Auto Refresh in the Internet Explorer

First thing that why are you using the internet explorer for the web search when this browser is not even supported by the Microsoft from the day Microsoft edge came into existence. This browser is not anymore supported by the Microsoft therefore there exists no more update for this browser.

To disable the auto refresh in Internet Explorer, go through the following steps:

1. Go to Start Button, type“Internet Options”, and select Internet Options in the search result.

Disabling the Auto Refresh in the Internet Explorer

2. In the internet properties window, click on Custom Tab >> Custom Level, and in the Security Settings windows, scroll down and find “Allow Meta Fresh”.

Disabling the Auto Refresh in the Internet Explorer

3. Disable this option and Click Ok.


Therefore, in this article, it was discussed that how to disable the auto refresh in all of the major browsers after which there will be no more intrusive activity while reading any content or no more restart of the songs while streaming the music online. All if the major browsers in the list nowadays were included and apologies if we have missed the browser that you are using.

If you are using a different browser and are not able to find the setting to stop these auto updates, then sometimes you will be able to stop these updates by disabling the JavaScript feature. Although this feature may also disable some other feature of the webpage it is worth a try.

Hope that this article will help you in solving the auto refresh issue in your browser.

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