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Permanent Fix: Taskbar not Working in Windows 10

Start menu or taskbar is the place where you can see every program running on your device. But it is frustrating when taskbar stops working suddenly or it is no longer accessible. So here I bring you some effective methods on how to fix windows 10 taskbar not working.

As you know, Windows 10 is a revolutionary platform in the history of Microsoft, but this revolution comes up with several troubles that most of the users face every single day. And the new trouble is the inaccessibility of taskbar that can keep you from experiencing the best user interface of Windows 10.

But it won’t bother you anymore because these proven solutions would eliminate the start menu problem or taskbar not working issue.  You just need to read this full article that takes you from the simplest method that you can apply to the most effective and a little bit time-consuming method.

How to Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working

If you are also facing any issues where your Windows 10 Taskbar is not working properly or freezes, is unresponsive or stops working randomly, then this article can help you troubleshoot & fix the issue.

#1 Give a Restart to the Device Running On Windows 10

Now, this must be your first step as it’s the easiest yet effective method. So in elementary words just restart your PC, laptop or any windows device you use. Restarting repairs several issues all itself and gives you an error-free environment to access.

To fix taskbar not working issue or any similar error that you can think will be eliminated by restarting then go ahead and reboot your device in just no time. Now you may be thinking that how the rest is possible when the taskbar is not working, then here are the steps:

  • Very first, press the keys Ctrl+Shift+Alt and Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring the task manager back on the screen.
  • Pressing the keys to take you to the task manager. Now go to the process tab.
  • There from the menu select shut down and click on restart.
  • Click yes if any confirmation box appears, and your system will be restarted.

By now you can check that your taskbar is accessible again, if not then here is the second method.

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#2 Restart Windows Explorer to Fix Taskbar

Another excellent and quick way is to give the explorer a restart going through the task manager. To try this easiest solution you can see these steps here and try to follow:

  • Open the task manager on the screen pressing the combination I told you in the first method.
  • Now go to the Processes tab and look for the Windows Explorer option.


  • Click on the Windows Explorer, and you can see a restart option on the bottom right of the task manager.
  • Just click on that, and your explorer will be restarted, and you can access the taskbar without any malfunctioning.

#3 Get the Updated Windows 10 Drivers and Install Them

The third method is updating windows with the latest drivers. Chances are you get the error because the software drivers are outdated and hence they are not able to work with the current windows 10 version. So following these given steps will help you to recognize the obsolete drivers and updating them.

  • The first step is to identify that which drivers are outdated. For this, you can try any software used for scanning and update drivers.
  • If you don’t think going with any third party software then do it manually via device manager.
  • Go to my PC icon and right click it. Select Manage.
  • The window will be there, and from the left panel, select manage devices.
  • Here you can see all the hardware installed on your PC. So just keep expanding all the device and see if there are outdated drivers having the yellow ! exclamation mark.
  • If you find this mark, then that driver needs to be updated. So just right click that particular driver and select uninstall. The windows will uninstall it or select Scan for Hardware Changes instead of uninstalling.
  • Just follow the on-screen guide, and you will get update drivers in a few minutes.

Now you can check the taskbar working or not by restarting your PC.

#4 Make Use of Windows Powershell

The issue can be fixed using the Windows PowerShell and reinstalling the software application. Sometimes viruses make their way and harm the installation. So to avoid this faulty installation, you need to install the software application again and fix taskbar not working error. Just see these mentioned states and try to follow the same way:

  • Open the Windows Powershell. Press Windows key and R to bring the dialog box and type cmd and hit enter. Or press Windows key and X and select command prompt.
  • Once the command prompt is on the screen, you need to type PowerShell and press enter key.

powershell cmd

  • Now copy and paste below text into that command prompt as suggested in Answers:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}”, and press enter.


  • Just wait a few seconds until the process gets done.
  • As the next step following this path: C:/Users/name/AppData/Local/ (here name indicates your Account’s Username).
  • In the Local folder, you need to delete the TileDataLayer folder.


Sometimes deleting the folder is not possible but there is another way to disable the Tile Data model server service.

  • Get to the search box and type services or type services.msc
  • Now in the services window, look for the service named tiledatamodelsvc.
  • Once you find the service, right click it and choose stop.

Tip 1: Remember to go to View in the menu and check the box Hidden items.

If you are still experiencing the issue then head to the last step and fix the error.

Tip 2: If the command prompt does not accept then try disabling your antivirus and windows firewall first and then perform the function. If you are still experiencing the issue then head to the last step and fix the error.

#5 Create a New User Account

This solution is among the top fixes for windows 10 taskbar not responding. So consider this a must try solution if nothing works. In this case, you need to create a new user account on your device and start using the newly created account. So here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the Settings of your device by pressing Windows key + I.
  • Then choose Accounts and click on Other accounts.
  • There you can see an option off Add an account. You need to click on that, fill up the information and get it done.
  • Try accessing your PC via this account and try if the taskbar issue is solved. In most cases, it gets solved trying this method.


By now you know how to fix taskbar issue. In this article, I tried to put all the possible methods that come as the top fixes for taskbar not working in windows 10 error. So if you solve the taskbar trouble using any of these methods, then do not forget to share your experiences here.

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