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What is Toaster.Exe and How To Remove Toaster.Exe?

Well, Toaster.exe is a part of Dell’s DataSafe Local Backup software that you can see located in C:\Program Files\Dell DataSafe Local Backup. Many times this toaster that is an executable file may get viruses and can be modified to malfunctioning. Several times, it can also appear in the task manager and this means using the resources unnecessarily. The trouble gets severe when the process uses lots of your GPU resources and hence slows down overall device’s performance. So here we will read out the type of error messages, causes, and finally the solutions to remove these errors.

Toaster.Exe Error Messages That Occur-

Windows users can experience the following messages:

  • “Toaster.exe Application Error.”
  • “Toaster.exe failed.”
  • “Faulting Application Path: Toaster.exe.”
  • “Cannot find Toaster.exe.”
  • “Toaster.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”
  • “Error starting program: Toaster.exe.”
  • “Toaster.exe is not running.”
  • “Toaster.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
  • “Toaster.exe not found.”

Users can see these error messages while doing any installation or even updating the windows.

Why This Toaster.Exe Error Occurs?

The Toaster.exe problem can occur due to these following reasons:

  • There are corrupted keys in Windows registry associated with Toaster.exe
  • Corrupted Toaster.exe due to virus or malware attack
  • Toaster.exe-related files are deleted accidentally
  • Any program interfering with the programming of Toaster.exe

How To Remove Toaster.Exe And Overcome The Issue?

Here you will find all the solutions that are possible to fix this issue and hence you will surely get rid of the toaster.exe error.

#1 Use Services.Msc

  • Open up the run box using windows key and R
  • In the box, type: services.msc and press Enter


  • All the service will open up in a list form where you need to scroll down to the left bottom to find the tab ‘Extended.’
  • Click it and now scroll down until you find SoftThinks Agent Service

SoftThinks Agent Service

  • Once you are there, right-click it and select Properties.
  • A new window will be there, go to the General tab and find the Stop button.
  • Click it and the toaster.exe service will be stopped, click Apply to save the changes and you can close all windows.

#2 Conduct a Full PC Scan

Use your antivirus and get a full PC scan because often Toaster.exe can get affected by the viruses or it may be some malware that is acting like the Toaster.exe error. In a full PC scan, all the results will be in front of your eyes that you can repair or delete permanently.

#3 Perform a Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup is a built-in tool that comes with the Windows and you can use this amazing tool to clean out all the junk and get rid of the Toaster.exe error. By the time, temp files get stored in the system, these are not useful and when you do not clear them, the issue can occur. Cleaning all the junk files also help your PC with speed and increase the overall performance. So just follow the steps and get it done:

  • Get the command prompt on the screen using windows key and X and click on Command Prompt
  • A black looking box will appear on the screen where you need to type:  “cleanmgr” and press the enter key

Perform a Disk Cleanup using cleanmgr

  • This command will execute the disk cleanup process that will take a few minutes
  • The calculation will begin that how much disk space you can get and what files you can delete
  • Once the analysis is done, you can choose the type of temp files you want to delete such as Recycle Bin files and click OK.

#4 Undo Any Recent Changes by Using System Restore Facility

You can always use system restore that can be a great help most of the times. System Restore works by restoring your machine to a previous time when everything was fine and you choose this time as per your choice. It helps because maybe you installed any virus with the recent program, so it will recover the loss by erasing that program completely and harm done by that program. To know how to use system restore, read out these steps:

  • Go to your windows search box and there type System Restore
  • From the results, click the program and a window will open up

System Restore

  • Now you just need to go with the wizard and you can follow the recommended restore point if you have created any.

System Restore

  • It will take a few minutes and restart your computer. Now everything should work fine and now you have solved the query how do I remove toaster exe.

#5 Use Windows System File Checker Tool

Another handy and effective tool that comes with the windows is System File Checker or SFC. This tool scans all the malicious files and replaces them by removing the corruption. You can always try this tool to get rid of the toaster issue.

Here are the steps to run it:

  • Press windows key and R to open the Run dialogue box
  • Now type cmd in the box and press Enter
  • The command prompt will open up; you can use any method to open the command prompt
  • Here you just need to type: sfc /scannow and hit Enter

sfc scannow

  • The scanning of files will begin at the moment you hit enter. It will cover all the troubles going on and there are fair chances to solve the toaster issue.

#6 Take a Look at the Pending Windows Updates and Install All of Them

Microsoft always requires windows to be updated and mostly it happens automatically. But on PCs were automatic installations are turned off then it is not possible to update the files until you manually activate the updates. There may be several files that are waiting to be updated and it is time to update them all.

Just check these steps and proceed:

  • Just go to the search panel of windows and type Update
  • Hit the enter key and in a few seconds the update window will be on the screen
  • There you can check all the updates available, just start installing them one by one

If you are still facing problem while using these solutions, do send us a message in the comment box. 

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