Turn Regular Sim in to Micro Sim : Do it Yourself

iPad 3G are just around the corner and US stores are all set to launch UMTS model on Aril 30th. Despite the 3G version of the iPad being sold unlocked, it requires a whole new type of SIM card, Micro Sim card. The advantages of the Micro SIM are in size. In fact measures only 12mm x 15mm against 15mm x 25mm Mini SIM. Apple has decided to adopt this new card type to save as much space as possible and operators are already adapting to provide this type of SIM.

Turn Regular Sim in to Micro Sim

In my country we don’t have any provider who supply Micro Sim cards at the moment, so i decided to move a step further and cut down Mini Sim to Micro Sim. It’s really easy as 1 2 3

Let us clear the confusions of Sim, Mini Sim and Micro Sim. Sim cards we are using currently are called Mini Sim or second generation of Sim and Sim card we are talking about is micro SIM or third generation Sim. First generation Sim card was as big as credit cards that’s why second generation Sim are called Mini Sim.

Note / Warning :

1. Do it at your own risk and carefully because the chip is very delicate. It will be a bit  harder to use the SIM so file the sim very delicately and try again and again.

2. The SIM you are using may differ in shape of the circuit from that used by us. Don’t worry about that and mind the circuitry gap.

3. Try with a useless SIM first.

Requirements :

A Mini SIM, Marker pen, Scale, Sharp cutter, File tool (Nail File) and some patience.


  1. The first step is to get a card that allows access to the UMTS network.
  2. With a ruler / scale take measures to cut the SIM and mark with a pen.  (12mm x 15mm)
  3. Mark the cutting line with a cutter and then bend off from same line, the plastic SIM is soft enough that it can be cut with scissors.
  4. Proceed to sharpen the edges of your new micro-SIM with File tool (Nail File). That’s it.

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