Windows Updates – All you need to know about Every Kind of Update

Windows updates are totally free service provided by the Microsoft which provides the user with the Operating System patches and also the service packs running on any version of the Microsoft Windows. Windows 10 has become a bit annoying because of the regular updates and all user will agree with that too.

But these regular updates are very important for the system as they are either the enhancements to the operating system or the corrections to its features, or they can be the security updates which helps to protect the system from the malware, Trojans and other different types of malicious attacks.

With these regular updates, there is a certain increase in the reliability, stability and the performance of the windows updates. If you are using a window operating system than this update is a must.

But there are some people still who confuse the Microsoft Updates and the Windows Updates, fellas there is a difference between these updates hence before moving forward to the types of Windows Updates let’s clear the difference between the two types of updates.

Windows Updates vs Microsoft Updates

Windows Updates vs. Microsoft Updates

The updates and the service packs which are available for the Windows Operating System are referred to as the Windows Updates. Microsoft being a tech giant has a lot of other products in the market which is used in the Windows operating system such as, Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Windows Store and many more, update for which are also released regularly by the Microsoft.

Therefore these types of updates which are applicable for the Microsoft products and entire operating system are known as Microsoft Updates whereas the updates which are applicable and can be installed for only windows are known as the Windows Updates.

Now, when the difference between the two types of updates is cleared let us discuss the various types of updates which are offered by the Microsoft for the Windows Operating System.

Various Types of Windows Updates

Windows Updates - All you need to know about

When we are using the window devices unless we turn off the feature manually, we keep getting the notifications regarding the release of latest windows updates and to install them. Let us take a look at the different types of updates sponsored by the Microsoft and will then discuss them one by one, here we go:

1. Critical Updates:

A critical update is a widely and a frequently released update by the Microsoft that deals with the critical, non-security related bug. This update also contains the addition to the product’s definition database which is most often used to detect the database having a specific attribute such as phishing websites, malicious junk, malicious code, spam emails etc. Critical bug fixes the bug problem which can lead to the degradation in performance or disturb the applications compatibility.

2. Definition Updates:

Definition Update is a type of windows update which helps in the addition or the modification of the definitions of the database of the Windows Operating System. This update of the definitions also helps in the identification of the malicious code, phishing sites and the junk mails in and out of the system.

3. Driver Updates:

A driver is a software which helps your computer system to communicate with the hardware devices as if there is no driver installed in your computer system the connected device will not work properly or will not work at all. Therefore windows automatically check if there is the driver available in the system for the required device whenever a new device is connected to the computer.

Thus, this update affects the working of the devices connected to the computer system.

4. Security Updates:

The updates that deals with the security related issues of the windows operating system are referred to as Security Updates. When any security organization finds s any loophole in the system they inform the Microsoft; and after the security related issues are received by the developers, they create a patch as soon as possible and release as the security update, within the fixed period of time and fix those issues. After the patch is developed it is released worldwide and most of the times the users are also informed via there registered email that they should download a security patch for better performance.

5. Feature Pack Updates:

With the release of these updates, the specific features are altered for the better performance of the operating system. These updates are first released to a set of specific users and their feedback is asked if they provide with the positive feedback about the changes made to the features of the operating system Microsoft add these changes to the next big release of the windows updates. If you are the user of Windows 10 than you will release 2 of the feature updates yearly.

6. Monthly Rollup:

Monthly Rollup is the windows updates that are released every month on the Second Tuesday as a regular update. Monthly Rollup includes all of the updates that were rolled out in the previous month along with the additional updates for the malware and security issues.

7. Service Pack Updates:

A service pack is the type of Windows Update which is often a combination of the previous update released, which helps in making the windows more reliable and easy to use. These updates are provided for the free of charge and they can include small security and performance updates and can also support new types of the hardware. But sadly the age of Service pack is over now, as there are no more service pack updates.

8. Tool Updates:

These are the updates which are released for the built-in utilities and tools in the operating system for their better performance.

9. Update Rollup:

It is a combined set of the major hotfixes, security updates, critical updates and the updates which are combined together for the easy deployment.

10. Full Updates:

Full Windows updates consist of the all of the necessary components and the files which have changed since the last update made to the computer system. Thus, making it an update with updates all the features in it.

11. Delta Updates:

These updates include only those system components which changed in the most recent quality update of the system, and they will only be installed if the particular device has the previous months update as well.

12. Security Quality Update:

This update contains all of the previously released updates.

13. Security Monthly Quality Rollup:

This update contains all the security and non-security updates of the current month.

14. Preview of Monthly Quality Rollup:

This update consists of the preview of the Quality Updates which are set to be released in the next month.

These are the different types of updates that are released for the Windows Operating System worldwide.

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