Untrackered – Clear Automatic logging of Locations

Earlier today two security experts and researchers, Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan revealed that Apple is logging each and every location of your iDevice since iOS 4. Researchers also clarified an important point that the file resides locally on the device but is never transmitted remotely. Apple, in short, does not receive these files in any case.

Untrackered - Clear Automatic logging of Locations

Most of leading tech blog took this report seriously and blamed on Apple, that they were using this data intentionally, which isn’t true at all. Anyway, Ryan Petrich, an independent iOS developer released a little tweak untrackered to clear all your location logs.

Tweak is 100% free of charge and no configuration is need after installation. Install the tweak and be assured that nobody will know exactly where youve traveled on you lately. You can install untrackered from Cydia.

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