Vulkan Runtime Libraries – What Is It And What To Do About It?

Vulkan RunTime Libraries Is like a strange thing that is happening in many windows users systems. They find it automatically installed in the programs list that you access in the control panel. You are here, probably because you are facing the same issue of finding that Vulkan Run Time Libraries in the list of programs.

Vulkan RunTime Libraries

What is Vulkan RunTime Libraries?

Well, it is basically a mate that comes with your gaming apps or graphics functionalities that require this program to run further. This is like an additional part that is important to run several games and offer you better 3D performance. Though every game doesn’t require Vulkan Runtime Libraries to run, many of them do.

The main thing you see this as trouble because you don’t remember if you downloaded it or not. This happens as it doesn’t need you to download Vulkan RT Libraries and it gets auto-installed when you update your graphics drivers or any program that requires the libraries.

Vulkan RunTime Librarie
Note: Vulkan Run Time Libraries is no virus

Then Why My PC Shows Vulkan Libraries As A Threat?

Now, you may be wondering that how can a useful file be a threat to your system. Well, you don’t have to worry whether your PC shows it as a threat or not. Some security programs like your antivirus or firewall may identify it as a threat and flag it. Other than that, it is completely secure, and there is nothing wrong with the program.

Vulkan Runtime Libraries should I remove it

Yeah, that sounds like a question. Well, as Vulkan Run Time Libraries is totally safe for your system and it supports the gaming performances, so it is advised to keep the program instead of uninstalling it.

If ever you feel insecure or consider it as a threat then you can straight go and uninstall it. This step won’t affect your gaming experience until you play games that require Vulkan to run. If ever you delete the Vulkan program and want it back then you will have to install the graphics drivers again to get it.

All in all, I suggest you keeping the Vulkan Run Time Libraries Windows 10 as they do not make any harm to your computer and improve your experience in several games.

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