[Solved] Windows Remote Desktop not working or won’t connect

Remote Desktop is a feature of the operating system or a separate program/software which helps a user to connect to a computer at a remote location, access its data, and interact with the desktop as if that system is available at the location from where they are accessing.

Windows Remote Desktop not working

In Windows 10, Remote Desktop is an exceptionally useful feature which enables the user to access its computer and control it from a different location with the help of any device. However, to get access to the remote desktop, an internet connection is must, as it uses the web services to gain access to the system and without the internet connection using this feature will not be possible.

Yet, there exist some aspect which may lead to Remote Desktop to stop working properly. Thus, let’s talk about these issues and how to counter them by using various solutions.

Solving Remote Desktop Problem in Windows 10

Due to the regular updates of Windows 10 from one version to another, it causes a lot of issues and bugs in the operating system. The recent update of Windows 10 has caused problems to the daily basis user of Windows 10 as they are not able to connect to the Remote Desktop. Multiple problems have been reported by the daily basis users of the remote desktop feature of the Windows 10.

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Some of the reasons stated by users which occurred while connecting to Remote Computer are as follows:

1. Windows 10 RDP Client not working

While connecting to the Remote desktop this error can occur most of the times saying that RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client is not working, which can be due to the configuration of your system thus make sure that you are using a Private Network.

2. Remote Desktop Not working after Windows 10 update

When we update the windows, sometimes most of the features stop working and in the recent update that feature is Remote Desktop, this issue can be fixed simply by removing the update and rolling back to the previous version.

3. Unable to connect to the Remote PC, verify Remote Desktop is Enabled

It is one another problem that can occur while connecting to the remote computer, as it may ask you to verify that the Remote Desktop is enabled.

4. Windows 10 Remote Desktop Credentials not Working

Some users have encountered this problem where the login credentials do not work, as this issue can be resolved by removing the saved credentials and signing up using new credentials.

5. Remote Desktop can’t connect to Internet

This issue has also been specified by the remote desktop users that there RDP cannot connect with the internet. Hence, if the remote desktop does not connect than the users must make sure to check their firewall and antivirus settings.

These are the problems that are submitted by the various remote desktop users, now let’s take a look at the multiple solutions to these problems.

  • Check Internet Connectivity

To get connected to the remote desktop the essential requirement is the Internet Connectivity, as unless your system is connected to the Internet you won’t be able to connect to a remote PC. Therefore, check if your internet connection is working and again try to connect to the remote desktop.

  • Changing your Firewall Settings

Firewall is a network security system which keeps an eye in all the incoming and outgoing traffic over the internet. Thus, Firewall can cause the Remote Desktop problems by blocking the Remote Desktop feature, thus make sure that your Firewall has not blocked the Remote Desktop Feature. For this, follow these steps.

i) Go to the Search bar, type Windows Firewall, open Windows Defender Firewall
Windows Remote Desktop not working
ii) Go to Allow an app through the Firewall
Windows Remote Desktop not working

iii) Click on the Change Settings option

Windows Remote Desktop not working

iv) Find the Remote desktop, mark it, click OK to change settings

Now after you’ve gone through these steps the Remote Desktop will start working.

Note: If you’re using the remote desktop for the first time in your system than these steps are must, as the remote desktop is not enabled by the firewall as default. Along with the firewall also check that your Antivirus is not blocking the Remote Desktop.

  • Checking the allowance of remote connections

If the Remote desktop feature is being accessed the first time, then along with the Firewall this feature your computer also needs to allow the remote connections. To enable this, go through the following steps;

i) Go to Search Bar, type remote desktop settings and open Allow Remote connections to your computer.

ii) Select the option, Allow remote connections to this computer, and click OK to save changes.

After these steps, the remote connections will be enabled and it will be easy to connect to the remote desktop.

  • Change your connection from Public to Private

When you’re on a public connection, the remote desktop connections are solely disabled which shows the error Windows 10 RDP client not working, because this feature works on the private network, thus you should switch to the private network, by following these steps:

i) Click on the Network Icon on the bottom right corner, and click on your Network Connection.
ii) Click on the name of your Network Connection.
iii) Select Private as the network profile for your network.

After this, the problem with the remote desktop will be resolved, and the error of Windows 10 RDP Client not found will vanish.

So that’s all. These are some of the solutions to the remote desktop client not working or won’t connect, hope these solutions help you with the connection problems in Windows 10.

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