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Solve WMI Provider Host: High CPU Usage & Laptop Overheating on Windows 10

Today I’m gonna show you some efficient methods to fix WMI provider host [wmiprvse.exe] high CPU usage on windows 10. Today in this advanced era of technology we all hold gadgets 24/7 as they are helpful to establish our daily life works professionally or casually. For the same purpose, we use laptops and desktops that are enriched with the advanced level of operating systems like Windows 10. But there are several issues that one can experience while accessing these windows and one of them is the WMI high CPU usage issue.

What Is This WMI Provider Host?

WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage

To take you guys more deep let me tell you that WMI stands for Windows Management Instrumentation. This is a service that is a vital part of the windows and without it, no process can run. Keeping this process in the operating system enables the CPU to perform several functions, and without this, it will be a useless machine.

Sometimes you may notice a message showing the WMI host provider. The message warns you that the CPU resources are limited or not enough to run the processes. When the resources are not available, your system may act like a dumb machine and gets very slow while executing any task. 

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Methods to Fix WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage Error

So here are some methods strategies and by following them, you can get rid of the error forever.

#1 Perform a Full System Scan Using Antivirus

Sometimes malware uses the mask to mislead you on the name of WMI error, or it all happens due to any corrupt file on your drives.

In this case, performing a full system scan really helps where you can permanently delete all the infected files, or you can also repair them if you prefer keeping those files.

So follow these steps here and get rid of the WMI Provider Host Issue Windows 10. In my case, it is avast antivirus, so let’s start the process to scan using avast.

  • First, locate your antivirus to open up the Avast user interface. The icon can be anywhere on the desktop, in the start menu or the toolbar.
  • Suppose if you have opened up the user interface of your antivirus. Now go to the section named protection.
  • Here you will find several types of scans, such as smart scan, targeted scan, boot time scan. You need to choose an option that says ‘Full System Scan.
  • It will scan opt every single drive and get you results on the screen with all the infected files.
  • There you can have a look at the files and choose whether to delete them or repair and you are done.
  • The scan may take some time, but it’s a practical step, and you can check if the error is still there.

#2 Try Accessing Windows in Safe Mode with Networking 

This is another useful method where you can troubleshoot High CPU usage issue and get rid of it entirely, check these steps here and follow them:

  • Open the run dialog box by searching manually or press Windows key and R.
  • The box opens up where you need to paste this text ‘msconfig.’ Ignore the quote symbol and hit enter.


  • Here a new window appears in front of you. There you see a tab ‘Boot’ click on it and then select Safe boot.
  • After that go to Network option by selecting it, apply these changes and click OK.

Windows in Safe Mode with Networking

  • Now you can restart your device, and it will make you access the windows in safe mode with networking. Make sure you save all the data before rebooting the device.

Windows in Safe Mode with Networking

  • You have arrived on the desktop, press Windows key and X simultaneously and select Windows PowerShell.

Windows PowerShell

  • You will be prompted a new window in which you need to enter this command: msdt.exe -id Maintenance Diagnostic and press the enter key.

troubleshooting window

  • It brings you a troubleshooting window where you just press next and let it troubleshoot the problem.


  • Again you need to type this command in that PowerShell panel: msdt.exe /id Performance Diagnostic and hit enter. It will open up the performance troubleshoot so just go with the instruction by clicking Next, and it’s done.

Performance troubleshooting window

  • As the last step, you are needed to start the device in the normal mode. For that repeat the same process by press Windows key and R and type msconfig and uncheck the safe mode and press OK. Restart, and it should be done by now.

Safe boot

#3 Open Up WMI Provider and Try Restarting the Service

Sometimes you may notice that the problem persists so trying the third method can be your next option. So follow these steps and save your CPU resources-

  • Again you need to open the run dialog box by pressing Windows key and R.


  • When it opens up, you need to type services.msc or paste the text and hit enter.
  • In the services list, search for the Windows Management Instrument service, or you can press W key to find it fast. Right, click on WMI and select restart.

Windows Management Instrument

  • After that press Windows key and X to the menu and go to Command Prompt from the given options.

Command Prompt (Admin).

  • This way the command prompt appears on the screen, and there you need to type these following commands one by one. Press enter each time you enter a command.

— net stop iphlpsvc
— net stop wscsvc
— net stop Winmgmt
— net start Winmgmt
— net start wscsvc
— net start iphlpsvc

Command Prompt window

Now you are down, and you can restart your PC to check the changes, else head to the next method to troubleshoot WMI High CPU usage issue.

#4 Uninstall Any Outdated or Corrupted Services

There may be chances that the wmiprvse.exe WMI error shows because of any obsolete programs or services using the event viewer and task manager.

  • First press the Windows key and X that brings you some options. There you click on Event Viewer and let it open.

Event Viewer

  • Next, go to the event viewer window and click on the View on the menu bar.

Show Analytic and Debug Logs

  • After clicking on View, you see an option Show Analytic and Debug Logs just click on it.
  • Now some options appear on the left panel so there you follow this path: Applications and Service Logs > Microsoft > Windows > WMI Activity and Operational log.

Applications and Service Logs

  • As you click on the Operational log, you see some items. Start searching for the red exclamation mark which shows the error.
  • Now go to the task manager pressing Windows logo and X and select task manager.

Task Manager

  • Select the Services tab and there you look for the same process using the service IDs that you found in the event viewer.

Event Viewer in PID

  • Once you locate the faulty services in the tab of task manager, you just need to uninstall or disable the particular services. Now you can restart your PC and check if the error still shows up.


Here I have mentioned all the four methods that can surely help you with wmiprvse.exe WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage Issue Windows 10. Just strata from the method one following all the steps carefully and if one does not solve the error, you can try all of these. I hope my article would help you to fix the trouble, see you soon.

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