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Fix “Your Connection Is Not Private in Chrome” Error

Accessing internet is one of the most happening things in the century. Now what if something strange happens and you get unable to access the internet. Yeah, it sounds scary, but it happens with many of the internet users who get an error message on Chrome like ‘Your connection is not private’ on Windows 10 or Windows 7. Today, you are going to solve this trouble completely, let’s start reading out the solutions.

Your Connection Is Not Private Chrome

Ways to Fix: Your Connection Is Not Private Error in Google Chrome

#1 Fix Date and Time

When you have a wrong date, and time set in your computer, then you are not going to visit any webpage. This happens because the date and time of your PC and server mismatch so the packets sending and receiving malfunctions. As a result, you get the error message, so go to the time zone of your computer and correct it using the control panel.

Fix Date and Time Fix Date and Time

#2 May Be Your Antivirus Is Responsible

This is possible to that your antivirus or firewall interrupts with the browser or internet settings and produce the warning. Sometimes they block the internet or some SSL certificates, and you get the warning. If you think that you have enabled any of these two elements, try disabling them for a few minutes.

If it is Avast then have a look at your Avast interface and disable any option that you think setting a filter on the internet pages. Also, make it disabled by right-clicking the Avast icon and go to shield control. Now, select the time for which you want to disable it and complete it clicking Yes.

This way you can disable any antivirus using the interface. To disable the firewall go to control panel and search for the appropriate option or something like the firewall. Toggle it to disable and then try accessing the internet.

#3 Bypass the Error Message

Well, for this you just need to tweak some settings in Google Chrome and bypass the error message. Here are the steps:

  • Open up the browser and in the URL bar, put: Chrome://flags and hit that enter key
  • In the new page search for ‘Remember decisions to proceed through SSL errors for a specified length of time’ and now just select the time as per your choice
  • Now you are done doing the main part. Just go the website again and click ‘Process to <website address> (unsafe).’ It will surely take you to the webpage without showing any further errors.

Note: People who are unable to find the option as Chrome has been updated many times they can head to other solutions and clear the issue.

#4 Access the Webpage Using Advanced

Access the Webpage Using Advanced

Many times you get the error message like ‘Your connection is not private.’ But this time have a look at the page, and you will find an option saying ‘Advanced.’ you just need to click this option and then Proceed to <website address> (unsafe).

This will open up the webpage, and you just accessed it at your own risk. This is not a permanent fix, but it is a way to access the webpage until the site gets repaired.

#5 Bypass SSL Certificate Error Using Chrome’s Properties

This method will show you how you can make use of Chrome’s properties to bypass the SSL Certificate Error. It is also not a permanent fix, but you can at least try it until the issue gets solved itself.

Bypass SSL Certificate Error Using Chrome’s Properties

  • Start your PC and go to the desktop where you see the Chrome shortcut.
  • Right-click the Chrome icon and go to Properties.
  • Here you need to make some changes in the Shortcut tab so just click it.
  • Here, in the Target section, just add –ignore-certificate-errors after .exe by giving one time Space.
  • Now, you are done tweaking the settings and just click OK to save the settings. This way you won’t see the error messages in future.

#6 Fix Your Connection Is Not Private On Android or iOS

Most of the users access smartphones these days instead of any traditional computer or laptop. So if you are facing the error on your smartphone then here you can find the ultimate fix.

  • Make sure you have correct date and time on your smartphone. If not, then go to Settings and access the date and time zone and set the proper time.
  • If you have any antivirus or security app on your phone, then I suggest disabling it.
  • If you can access the internet using other browsers like Firefox and the error is showing only in Chrome, then you need to clear all cache and cookies in the browser.

Open Chrome and go to Settings. Here choose Privacy and then Clear Browsing Data.

Here pick up your choices like what things you want to remove and just click ‘Clear Browsing Data.’

clear all cache and cookies in the browser

Restart Chrome, and now you should be able to visit the webpages in Chrome.


All these methods are effective to fix ‘Your Connection is Not Private’ issue. I hope this information would work on both PC and smartphone. If you have any other idea on fixing the issue, then you can share with us.

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